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Roux Helmets USA

Experience the Thrill of the Race with Roux Helmets designed by Pininfarina

Feel the adrenaline. Hear the roar of the engines. Taste victory. Roux Helmets are your key to experiencing the thrilling world of motorsport racing in comfort and style of Pininfarina Carbon designs.

Developed with input from champion racers, Roux Helmets fit like a dream and protect like nothing else. Our streamlined, lightweight yet durable helmets use advanced materials to cushion your head, while built-in hydration systems and cooling technology prevent overheating so you can focus on that checkered flag.

Roux offers models for every racer, from composite to ultra-lightweight carbon fiber helmets with communication systems that put you in the pit crew’s ear. Designed for ultimate versatility, Roux Helmets can handle any motorsport and shave seconds off your lap time.

Worn by the world’s top racers, Roux Helmets are the pinnacle of power, comfort and safety. Feel the rush of acceleration. Corner at breakneck speeds. This is what you were born to do. Roux Helmets: when ordinary helmets just won’t cut it. How will you finish the race? Come experience motorsport at its finest – with Roux.


“Our Mission is to provide the highest quality and safety standards at an affordable price, along with innovative designs and features that will promote safety and comfort to our fellow drivers.”  

At Harris Race Radios, we live and breathe motorsport. For over 30 years, we’ve provided trackside radio support to amateurs and pros alike. We help racers shave seconds off their lap times and achieve record finishes. That’s why Roux Helmets chose us as their trusted customer support partner.

Roux Helmets are in a league of their own, born from a dedication, innovation and a passion for racing. Designed by motorsport legends Juan Carlos Leroux and Toto Lassally, Roux Helmets offer an unbeatable combination of safety, comfort, and performance. And when you race with Roux, you get Harris Race Radios in your pit crew.

Our experts provide support at tracks worldwide, dialling in crystal-clear communications customized to your needs. We offer guidance on everything from dialling in your helmet for ultimate comfort to choosing radio systems for the best commutations. When victory is on the line, you can’t afford dropped calls or garbled commands from the pit crew. With Harris Race Radios, communication is seamless.

Roux Helmets chose us to be your support team for good reason: we’re racers ourselves, and we know how to gain a competitive edge. Together, Roux Helmets and Harris Race Radios give you the high-performance package you need to overtake the competition.

Experience the difference of helmets built by racers, backed by a team obsessed with speed and success. Leave the amateurs behind—with Roux Helmets and Harris Race Radios, you have the keys to victory. This is racing redefined. How will you finish the race?

Sales Support

Call Aaron on +64 27 449 9654 or Rex +64 21 682 912 or get in touch via Facebook.

Roux Carbon Helmets 

Our Carbon Roux helmets come complete with communications, drinking tubes, the CoolX water cooling system, and a Patent pending helmet release system. Moreover, this helmet is manufactured with a carbon lightweight shell. Additionally, this helmet is glossy black carbon with a black cloth interior. Furthermore, the only difference between our 2 roux carbon helmets is that one is fitted with a peak and the other is fitted with a visor. Consequently, it is all about your personal preference as to which you choose to run on your helmet.

Our top-of-line Roux Helmets!

Roux Composite Helmets 

Our composite helmet comes in a glossy silver colour and comes complete with communications, drinking tubes, CoolX water cooling system, and a Patent pending helmet release system. This helmet is manufactured with a cloth black interior. The only difference between our 2 composite carbon helmets is one is fitted with a peak and one is fitted with a visor. It is all about your personal preference as to which you choose to run on your helmet.

Roux Fibreglass Helmets

Our Fibreglass helmets are produced in two colours. We have a gloss white helmet and a matt black helmet. We offer both of these helmets loaded or unloaded. The loaded version comes complete with communications, drinking tubes, CoolX water cooling system, and a Patent pending helmet release system.  The unloaded version comes without any of these components. This helmet is manufactured with a cloth black interior. Yet again it is up to your preference whether you have a peak or a visor. 

Roux USA Sizing Chart 

Linked below is our Roux helmet sizing chart:

However as always give us a call before ordering if you are unsure.

Roux Helmet Hans Combos 

We stock a range of Roux helmets and Hans combos ensuring you can get the best deals on both products. All combos include a Roux Hans-compatible helmet, Hans posts, and a Hans device. This is the perfect head and neck safety package for any driver. These deals are customizable and we can provide many add-ons if you require. These add-ons include an integrated water drink tube with quick disconnect, complete radio gear with noise-cancelling microphone and speaker pods.

Speedway Roux Helmet Package

This package includes a Speedway Roux Fibreglass Helmet with speakers, a coil cord and a one-way receiver. This is a perfect helmet and communication package for any speedway racer. This is the most affordable way to purchase all the communication equipment and helmet required for speedway racing. 

This video is of our own Aaron Harris demonstrating exactly how easy it is to use our own quick-release system between our Harris One-way receivers and our Roux Helmets.  

Roux Helmet Visors & Peaks

Moreover, in addition to the Roux Speedway helmet, Roux offers a diverse range of visors and peaks meticulously designed to optimize your vision and enhance performance on the track. These visors and peaks serve the critical purpose of cutting through glare, dust, and debris, allowing for uncompromised visibility during races. With a wide selection of tints available, ranging from light to dark, you have the ability to effectively filter out any visual obstacles that may hinder your focus.

Furthermore, gaining an edge in your races is made possible by the anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings integrated into these visors and peaks. These advanced coatings ensure that your vision remains clear and unobstructed throughout the duration of the race, regardless of any external factors that may impair visibility.

By combining these features, Roux equips you with a comprehensive solution to optimize your sight on the track. With enhanced visibility, you can sharpen your concentration, make strategic moves, and surpass your rivals with ease. Experience the winning difference that Roux’s visors and peaks bring to your racing performance.

Not only do these visors and peaks offer enhanced visibility, but they are also lightweight and adjustable. Moreover, they act as a shield against the sun and the elements, providing protection without compromising comfort. Additionally, with the ability to raise, lower, or remove them in seconds, you have full control over your line of sight. Furthermore, attachment screws are included for easy installation.

By utilizing Roux’s visors and peaks, you can greatly enhance your sight, improve your concentration, and ultimately surpass your rivals on the track. Experience the winning difference that Roux brings to your racing endeavors.

Other Roux Accessories 

In addition to the Roux Speedway helmet, we offer a diverse selection of accessories to enhance its performance. These features also allow you to tailor it to your specific requirements as a driver. Our range of add-on accessories includes air scopes, Hans posts, cables, speaker pods, cool shirt accessories, tear-offs, hoses, check pads, dust skirts, and various others. These accessories provide additional functionality and customization options to optimize your racing experience.

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