PCI Race Radios

About PCI Race Radios

PCI Race Radios are dedicated to Off-Road enthusiasts Buggy, Can-A Dirt Bikes, Quads, Race Cars, Trucks, Raptors, RZR's, Maverick's and Boats.

PCI Race Radios is a leading provider of communication solutions for motorsports enthusiasts, offering a wide range of high-quality radios, intercom systems, and accessories designed to enhance communication and safety on the track. With decades of experience serving the racing community, these radios have established themselves as a trusted name among professional racers, off-road enthusiasts, and amateur drivers alike.

At the heart of the product lineup is a commitment to innovation and reliability. Their radios and intercom systems are engineered to deliver crystal-clear communication in the most demanding racing environments, ensuring that drivers, co-drivers, and pit crews can stay connected and coordinated throughout the race.

PCI offers a variety of communication solutions to suit different racing disciplines and vehicle configurations. From compact handheld radios for solo drivers to full-scale intercom systems for multi-seat race cars.

In addition to their communication products they also offer a wide range of accessories, including helmet wiring kits, push-to-talk buttons, and antenna mounts, to help drivers customize and optimize their communication setups for maximum performance and convenience.

Whether you're competing in circuit racing, off-road racing, or rally events, PCI Race Radios provides the tools you need to communicate effectively and stay safe on the track. Choose PCI Race Radios and experience the difference that reliable communication can make in your racing endeavors.