Driver Cool Air Pump, NACA ducts, Hoses & Fittings

About Driver Cool Air Pump, NACA ducts, Hoses & Fittings

NACA duct

FAST Driver Cool Fresh Forced Air pump, helmet forced air hoses, bends, reducers and fittings. When properly implemented, a NACA duct allows air to flow into an internal duct, and feed a forced air pump and system, for driver cooling purposes, with a minimal disturbance to the flow.

Take control of your air with a complete pumper package! The Harris Race Radios Pumper Systems take helmet air pressure to a new level. With the constant demand for more air flow in pumper style helmets, the MAC Pumpers build pressure and forces high volume air at a much higher rate of speed.

Eliminate the dust with the purpose built washable dry media filter with Outerwear particulate wrap. So you can Run the entire race with just one filter, and then simply wash out in water, so you’re ready for the next racing event, no more losing air because of a clogged filter!

Matched with our VSC (Variable Speed Controller) the M3 can be turned down for staging then instantly turned up for high pressure ventilation. The VSC pulse control precisely adjusts the amount of air entering the helmet.

From start to finish the M3 is built to race. High pressure, high volume, light weight construction, micron air filtering system, and waterproof connectors make the M3 the ultimate in helmet pumper systems