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Mychron5 660 Drag Racing Datalogger

The AiM MyChron5 660 is the go to dash data logger for drag racing. The data provided can be used to make fine clutch adjustments which are essential when you want your car to run fast.

This kit contains sensors to help increase you and your cars performance. A cylinder head temperature thermocouple, an exhaust gas temperature thermocouple to accurately measure the (EGT), both of these sensors can be fitted to the provided dragster thermocouple split cable. A phonic wheel kit and a speed sensor which connects straight into the rear of the AiM drag racing Dash Data logger.

Also in the kit is a CAN expansion which is used to connect your LCU-One (Lambda Controller) sold separately. The LCU-One will give you full control of your engine and monitors air/fuel ratios.