What Speedway Products Do You Need?

What Speedway Products Do You Need?

This page is all about what speedway products you should be purchasing as a speedway racer. Some products are needed for legality and others just make your life as a driver or crew a lot easier!!

Speedway One-way Receiver

It is compulsory by Speedway New Zealand that All speedway racers in New Zealand need to be using a speedway one-way receiver (with some expectations that can be found in their rule book). Our one-way speedway receiver is legal in New Zealand and is approved by Speedway New Zealand for use on their private channel. This Speedway NZ-approved device is pre-programmed on SNZ 455.05625. Our receiver is the most powerful one-way receiver available, and it is louder and clearer than other devices. Using a one-way receiver means that the track crew can assist you with tasks like realigning on a red flag. Tasks that used to be hard and took up valuable racing time have now become quick and easy with this simple device.

Speedway One-way Receiver Package Deal

We also sell this Speedway one way receiver in a package deal with our great Roux Helmet. This package gives you the best value for money. Speedway drivers love our matte black helmet due to its lightweight. We know you get thrown around a lot in a speedway car therefor having a helmet that supports your head without straining your neck is essential to your safety. Speedway drivers also love the sleek look the matte black helmet provides.

My laps Speedway Product

The Mylaps TR2 Transponder is the newest and most innovative transponder for speedway that can be powered by your vehicle battery and is replacing the X2 Direct Power Transponder. These devices have Reliable hardware, easy subscription management via Bluetooth and the Speedhive App, and flexible subscription options to fit your needs. You must have one of these when racing speedway in New Zealand. Purchase it from us along with all your other speedway needs!

Speedway Transceiver

This Speedway Transceiver is a UHF (400 – 500 MHz) transceiver that can be programmed with up to 16 channels. These radios are built tough and come complete with a rechargeable battery that can be charged on a USB charger.

Tear Offs

The perfect match for a speedway driver is our speedway product the racing optics tear offs. These tears offs are used when racing in muddy or dusty environments. Having clear vision is vital for speed and safety. These simple tear offs and easy to use and are a massive help to any speedway drivers.

Racing optics tear-offs are an important accessory for racing helmets because they provide several benefits, including:

  1. Clear vision: Tear-offs are designed to be placed on the visor of a racing helmet. They are thin, clear films that can be easily removed, one layer at a time, to ensure that the driver always has a clear line of vision. This is especially important in racing, where debris and dirt can accumulate on the visor during a race, obstructing the driver’s view.
  2. Improved safety: By ensuring a clear line of vision, tear-offs can improve safety by helping drivers avoid obstacles, anticipate changes in the road or track, and avoid collisions.
  3. Cost-effective: Tear-offs are a cost-effective solution for maintaining clear vision during a race. Rather than replacing an entire visor, which can be expensive, drivers can simply remove a tear-off and have a clear view again.
  4. Easy to use: Tear-offs are easy to use, with a simple pull-tab design that allows drivers to quickly and easily remove a layer of film when their vision becomes obstructed.
  5. Customisable: Many tear-offs are customisable, allowing drivers to choose the number of tear-off layers they want to use, depending on the length of the race or the conditions on the track. This can help ensure that drivers have the best possible visibility during a race.

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