AiM Smartycam

About AiM Smartycam

Explore the pinnacle of motorsports recording with AiM Smartycams. Our curated lineup caters to both racing enthusiasts and professionals, delivering crisp, high-definition footage to capture every thrilling moment on the track. Whether you're in the midst of intense competition or enjoying a spirited drive, these cameras ensure that every twist, turn, and acceleration is preserved with cinematic clarity.

Compact and versatile, our cameras offer seamless integration with AiM's telemetry systems, empowering you to analyze your driving dynamics and refine your technique. From dashboard mounts to advanced systems capable of live streaming and data overlay, our range meets diverse needs and preferences.

With AiM Smartycams you'll never miss a beat of the action, and you'll always have the tools to drive smarter and faster. Elevate your racing experience today with Harris Race Radios' selection.