About AiM Sport

Harris Race Radios, the official New Zealand distributor of AiM Sport Products, offers a comprehensive range of industry-standard motorsport and car racing equipment. Our lineup includes AiM dash, data loggers, lap timers, Lap Timers, onboard cameras, PDMs (Power Distribution Modules), sensors, and aftermarket digital displays.

Find AiM dashs , AiM data loggers, AiM lap timers, and racing cameras suitable for various cockpit sizes with AiM Sport and Harris Race Radios. We also provide peripheral cables, looms, sensors, and accessories for. Different types of motorsport vehicles, Karting , Motorcycling , on and off the circuit, AiM car racing , offroad, and offshore etc..

Rely on us for top-quality AiM products, which ensure you have all the necessary equipment. Our race-proven engineering expertise will enhance your motorsport experience.