Stilo Open Face Rally Helmets

About Stilo Open Face Rally Helmets

Stilo Rally helmets are a must for organized stage events worldwide, from clubmans to WRC events, with varying NZMS FIA standards. Stilo WRC Helmets are the world standard for R and Targa.

Key factors in choosing a helmet include noise cancellation, reliability, exceeding FIA safety standards, and a precise fit. Contact us to discuss custom fitting.

Stilo leads the helmet market, overtaking Peltor in the global rallies.

Two FIA standards: FIA-8859 (minimum) and FIA-8860 (higher level, e.g., Stilo WRC).

These helmets work for Dakar, Rallycross, Comp safari, AWDC, track days, and tests on circuits.

Rally helmets are typically open-faced (full face available) with a fixed/movable microphone boom. They use noise-reducing headphones connected via wire/Bluetooth to an intercom. All meet at least FIA-8859 standard

TARGA, offroad Helmets, or the ST5 R, Trophy Helmets.