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New Zealand Motorsport eStore Excited to enter the Australian Market

Harris Race Radios is a 3-generation family business, selling motorsport gear online out of Paraparaumu, New Zealand eStore. They are active in the New Zealand racing community and provide almost all New Zealand teams with equipment, Race Managment, Engineering. As well as driving racing cars, bikes, offroad, boats and Karts ourselves. The business involves 3 generations and is likely to expand further in the future. They have always provided for New Zealand racers and in the future want to continue this in Australia. 

Harris Race Radios Motorsport New Zealand eStore stocks a huge range of equipment for all racing. World Leaders in the field of Radio communication and Data management. With items like helmets, race suits, radios, dashes, head and neck restraints, cool suits, and so much more. Currently, their online store has over 1,000 products with more being added regularly. They have skills in all fields and the products to match for motor racing, mountain biking, circuit racing, speed boat racing, rallying, drag racing, and kart racing.  Aaron and Rex are the co-directors of Harris Race Radios, who we all know couldn't do it without the support and admin work of their wives Christine and Anoushka. They both have a passion for motorsport and love to enable people to explore their passion. Aaron has grown up in the racing environment from a very young age, starting BMX at the young age of 4, progressing to motocross, karting, circuit racing, and data engineering. Rex shares this same passion, always enabling Aaron to race, and was one of the individuals who brought BMX to New Zealand. They both stay actively involved in supporting New Zealand racing, always sponsoring and helping young drivers. Aaron is also a licence examiner for Motorsport New Zealand.  Harris Race Radios was created out of frustration at being unable to purchase or rent good-quality Motorsport Radio Communications equipment at reasonable prices. This was very frustrating. Aaron Harris was racing in Endurance motorsport events around the world, including Bathurst, Dubai, Barcelona, etc. with a very mixed bag of poor but expensive radio equipment and overall very poor communication results. Endurance events are race events where the reliability and precision of good radio communications make the difference between winning and losing. Using poor-performing equipment was stupid and unacceptable. We formed Harris Race Radios in 2002, and it has been growing and changing ever since.  The next step for this business is branching out and beginning to provide race equipment in Australia. Aaron has worked and raced in Australia as part of many prestigious teams. He has raced in the Bathurst 1000 and Bathurst 12 hour four times, coming away with his best result of second in his class, an amazing result for a young Kiwi. He says the Bathurst 12-hour is his favourite race. As well, he has done engineering work for GT teams and supercar teams in Australia.  They want to expand their reach into the Australian market while still valuing their loyal New Zealand customers. The company has experienced many calls from Australia asking for advice and believes this is the right time to start the shift of expanding. Harris Race Radios has 20 years of experience in all racing gear but particularly the radio equipment as this is where they started. They have a range of products including headsets, push-to-talk, complete sets, and race radio. They believe that these state-of-the-art Motorola motorsport products will particularly benefit the new Australian consumers. The company has already seen an uptake in purchases and Australian views on their website and want to continue this through other in-person presence. In the digital world, it makes it easier to be cross-country, and Harris Race Radios is excited to take advantage of this opportunity. This new journey is an opportunity to expand the reach and explore the new ways they can employ their website and company.  Expanding a company is a hard challenge to face and execute. The team at Harris Race Radios is determined to pull it off with excellence. They are passionate about doing this because they know the quality of their gear will do great things for the racing environment in Australia. They are also committed to providing equipment that specifically benefits women racers, including motorsport bras, neck braces, and suits. Women drivers are an important part of our racing community, and we believe they need to be able to access the right equipment. 

Our massive experience across all types of Motorsports gives us the ability to help people get the best out of their Motorsport. Whether it’s circuit racing, off-road, Karting, powerboat, or motorbikes you name it we have been there, now we want to help Australians as well.

Harris Race Radios is a great local New Zealand business that has high hopes and dreams for the future of its company. 

Harris Race Radios New Zealand eStore.

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