Alfano & Prisma Digital Tyre Pressure Gauges

About Alfano & Prisma Digital Tyre Pressure Gauges

Alfano Tyre Control 2 Digital Air Pressure/ Temperature Gauges. Prisma HiPreMa 4X accurate digital tire pressure temperature gauge

These gauges and accessories are ideal for Motorsport Karting, racing cars, and motorbikes . These gauges are used to accurately monitor your tyre pressures on your vehicle. They also allow you to decrease or increase your tyre pressure simultaneously. This makes them a must have for any mechanic or driver.

The precision instrument of Alfano Digital Tyre pressure gauge is a must for any team and their car, kart or motorcycle. The Digital Pressure Gauge measures the tyre pressure and the tire temperature. The tire pressure and temperature is measured and can be stored for several sets of tires as cold & hot pressures. The best tyre pressure gauge in New Zealand.

Currently being used by several F1, MOTO GP teams, WSBK Teams, LMP Teams and GT Teams