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AiM Motorsport Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timer with ECU Input

AiM Motorsport Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timer with ECU Input

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The AIM Solo 2 DL raises the bar for GPS lap timers. Like its predecessor, the unit can connect to the vehicle's ECU to gather various data from the sensors fitted to the car. A comprehensive range of compatible ECUs allows for an easy installation. The AIM Solo 2 DL Motorsport raises the bar for GPS lap timers. Like its predecessor, the unit can connect to the vehicle's ECU to gather various data from the sensors fitted to the car. A comprehensive range of compatible ECUs allows for an easy installation. Nevertheless, if your specific ECU protocol is not supported, you can utilise the ECU Driver Dash Builder within the included Race Studio 3 software.
  • Improved GPS Speed & Accuracy
  • Direct ECU Data Logging
  •  User Selectable Backlight Colour
  •  Inbuilt Track Database
  •  Predictive Lap Timing
  •  Integrated Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Magnetometer
  •  Integrated Wi-Fi Connectivity
Aim Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timing Technology. This unit has updated the GPS technology from its predecessor. It now receives the data from two satellite constellations, GPS and GLONASS. This makes a significant improvement in data speed and positioning precision. This results in a startup time of just a few seconds. As well, lap times are accurate to a tolerance of two hundredths of a second.


The display of the Solo 2 DL features a selection of 7 different backlight colours. This can be selected by the user to suit their requirements. A sharp, high-contrast display makes it easy for the driver to identify the displayed data.

Track Recognition

Utilising GPS technology, the Solo 2 DL comes pre-loaded with a database of over 3,000 tracks from around the world. This allows the unit to identify its position as soon as it is switched on. It then loads the start line coordinates ready to begin recording lap times. However, if the specific track you are at is not recognised, the Solo 2 DL automatically enters autolearning mode. The Solo 2 DL will begin to build the track layout based on your car position and record the lap times.



The improved GPS technology in the Solo 2 DL also provides better reliability from the predictive lap timing function. This means that you can see, in real time, how your current lap compares to your best lap. The LEDs are also configurable to give a visual indication on whether you are quicker or slower.

The Solo 2 DL now features a theoretical lap timing mode. This feature assembles your best sector times to calculate the optimal lap time attainable. You can also display timing information in a delta format. This gives a representation of how much time you are quicker or slower than your best lap.

Where Can You Use It?

The AIM GPS Motorsport Solo 2 DL Lap Timer extends beyond circuit racing and finds utility in point-to-point or regularity events. Along with performance tests like 0-60 mph, among others. Just like the circuit racing mode, it records all data, which you can promptly review after the session.

DL version This DL version has additional inputs via the vehicle's OBDII port or through a CAN/RS232 connection. This facilitates the extraction of data from the vehicle's ECU. The sampled data depends on the actual ECU but typically includes RPM, engine load, throttle position (TPS), oil/air/water temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, speed, gear, and lambda value (air/fuel ratio). The list of available ECU drivers, constantly updated and upgraded, is published here: it includes approximately 1,000 different ECUs, either stock or racing. They are organised by manufacturer and vehicle model, providing proprietary communication protocols for each ECU, including the standard OBD-II ones.

Coil Rpm

The AIM GPS Motorsport Solo 2 DL now includes a coil RPM input. This provides a digital input derived from either square wave signals (8-50 V each signal) or pulse signals (150-450 V ignition coil trigger - primary circuit)


Connecting the Solo 2 DL to your ECU (standard or racing ECU) is very simple. To choose which connection you need to order (CAN or OBD-II / K-Line), use the above link to see what ECU connection is used for your application. Integrated Wi-Fi

If you want to further review the data at greater length, the Solo 2 DL has integrated Wi-Fi. So that you can transfer data securely and quickly to a laptop or computer up to 50m away without the need for connectors or cables. You can then import the data into the AIM Race Studio 3 software for full analysis.

iPhone Compatibility Also included is iPhone compatibility. This is where you can quickly and easily access the recorded data. From the app, you can also manage the track database. Aswell you can even have an online view of the most important engine parameters.

Dimensions: 98 x 73.7 x 30.2mm

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