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About Harris Race Radios

About Harris Race Radios

#1 for radios for Racing Cars

Harris Race Radios ™ was created out of frustration being unable to purchase or rent good quality Motorsport Radio Communications equipment at reasonable prices. This was very frustrating. Aaron Harris was racing in Endurance motorsport events around the world, Bathurst, Dubai, Barcelona, etc. With a very much mixed bag of poor but expensive radio equipment and overall very poor communication results. Endurance events are race events where reliability and precision of good Radio Communications makes the difference between winning and losing. Using poor preforming equipment was stupid and unacceptable. We formed Harris Race Radios in 2002.

Aaron Harris Holden NZV8 Harris race radios
Aaron Harris driving the Dynapack Holden Commodore in NZV8
Aaron Harris winning at Barcelona. Harris race radios.
Aaron Harris 1st place podium at 2013 24 hour at Barcelona
Rex Harris Making it happen

BMW manfield
Aaron Harris 2L NZTC BMW E36 2nd to Jason Richards.
Engineering Aston Martin
Aaron Engineering Aston Martin
Seat Bathrst
Aaron racing a Seat at Bathurst
Seat motorsport
Aaron racing 24h Dubai.
Harris race radios BMW
Aaron Racing Harris Race Radios BMW
Motorsport Harris race radios
At Ayrton Senna monument in Catalonia circuit
Australian V8 Ute
Aaron with Gorge Miedecke Australian V8 Ute
Aaron Mustang
Aaron driving Mustang with Bernard at Pukekohe
Aaron Engineering TRS Kaleb Ngatoa 
Motorsport communications.
BMW Harris race radios
BMW With Grant Sprague
Aston Martin
Engineering Aston Martin
Harris Race Radios Mazda Pro7
Where it started just one of many Pro7 wins

This the Future of Harris Race Radio 3 generations

Rex is a Qualified Radio Telecommunications Engineer, Approved Radio Certifier, and Engineer with access to all of the world’s latest technology and the knowledge to know how to use it. We formed Harris Race Radios, and made rapid progress in improving quality, reliability, clarity, etc. at reasonable prices. Harris Race Radios™ have worked with world leading Radio Suppliers to develop special firmware to mitigate the effects of high speeds, Doppler and picket fence effects, high noise, high EMF interference, peculiar to modern motorsport communication; we use these firmware systems exclusively on all of our radios.

Harris Race Radios™ in conjunction with Motorsport New Zealand set up Race Radio™ this is a system where race control officials can communicate directly with Race Teams.

Harris Race Radios™ as approved by Radio Spectrum Management Radio Certifiers (ARC) and Engineers (ARE) are able to craft NZ and Australian Radio Licenses, and keep a data base of radio frequencies used for motorsport. Harris Race Radios™ has greatly simplified the gaining of the correct radio licenses. This has resulted in a huge reduction in cross channel interference and overall quality improvement. RSM Radio Certifier.

Radio spectrum management Harris race radios
  • We supply new Parts to work even better with the new Digital platform.

About Harris Race Radios

It quickly became apparent that the new Motorola Motorsport Digital radio equipment was showing up the deficiencies in all of the other associated equipment. Harris Race Radios™ developed new Wiring looms, Aerials, Helmet kits, Cabling, Earpieces, PTT. Even the Radio Box, that holds the radio in the car, was redeveloped improving the performance.

  • We are always improving, always getting better.
  • As the speeds of the cars got even higher. The likes of TRS and GT cars, the Motorsport Communications required even higher standards. Showing up the short comings of the standard helmet kits and wiring harnesses. Harris Race Radios™ “Professional series” of equipment developed by Harris Race Radios™. In conjunction with our suppliers. Again Professional equipment at reasonable prices.
  • Helmet compatibility with radio systems. It became evident to Harris Race Radios™ that some systems worked better than others. The difference was the type of helmet being used. Helmets can badly distort the sound waves going to the microphone. Others don’t allow the mic to be placed correctly in the Racing Helmet. Harris Race Radios™ started selling Helmets that are compatible with Radio systems. Roux Helmets USA and Stilo Helmets.

Roux Helmets USA

Roux Helmets USA

Roux Helmets USA is a premium #1 Professional quality helmet it is specifically designed for Circuit, on and offroad, for use with radio and Intercom specialist systems. harris race radios.

Roux Carbon GT
Roux Helmets USA

Stilo Helmets

Stilo Authorised Dealer

Stilo helmets are high Quality racing helmet. Designed for Rally and circuit racing for use with Radios and intercoms .

  • Intercoms:  Repairs and advice.
Harris Intercom

As radio engineers we repair many Motorsport Intercoms, and craft the necessary adapters and noise reduction systems. Again out of frustration at the lack of good Intercoms. At Harris Race Radios™ we began selling and advising a complete range of Intercoms and associated equipment.

AiM Shop now
AiM SW4 270 steering wheel
  • Dash and Data Logging Aaron is a International Data Engineer of some note, there for, the marriage of Electronics and AiM Data Dash Management was an obvious one, again providing our customers with the best quality at a reasonable price.  We are the New Zealand agent for AiM Sport Dash and Data loggers.

FreeM racewear

FreeM Racewear
FreeM racewear NZ
  • FreeM. Aaron Harris is an International endurance Racing driver, traveling the world racing. During Aarons travels and working with different race teams. The quality and price of racewear varied hugely. FreeM Racewear was the best racewear. By wearing overalls for 24h it was obvious which was the best. Aaron got FreeM to provide our customers with the best quality and at reasonable prices.  We are the New Zealand agent for all FreeM Products.

We are the Australasian Agents for Rugged Radios™ The Authority in off road Motorsport Communications Rugged Radios Australasia .

  • International brands that Harris Race Radios™are NZ agents for:

Harris Race Radios, Roux Helmets USA, AiM Sports, FreeM Racewear, Motorola, Kenwood, BG Racing, Stilo, Schroth, Rugged Radios, Harris Race Radios, Stand 21, FAST Driver Cool Suits, Pull Rings, RINI Technologies, Antman Helmet Designs, Alfano Digital Tyre Gauge, Speedway One Way Receivers, B-G Racing, Etc.