Speedway NZ Approved One Way Receivers

About Speedway NZ Approved One Way Receivers

Harris Race Radio showcases a selection of Speedway New Zealand sanctioned one-way communication receivers and various compatible accessories designed to enhance the functionality of these devices. Participants in most speedway racing events across New Zealand must use one-way receivers, a rule that ensures a vital direct link between the drivers and track officials. This connection allows drivers to receive real-time updates and critical information while racing.

The range of one-way receivers that Harris Race Radio offers has received official approval from Speedway New Zealand. These devices stand out for their exceptional audio quality, delivering the highest volume and clarity levels available in the market. Such superior sound ensures that drivers can distinguish the communications from race officials over the din of engines and the racing environment, a key factor for maintaining safety and ensuring events run smoothly.

For any professional racer or racing enthusiast, owning a Speedway New Zealand approved one-way receiver from Harris Race Radio is crucial. It not only helps you stay informed but also ensures compliance with the sport's regulations.