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Explore a world of endless possibilities with Free M Downloads! Discover a vast collection of high-quality downloads to assist you with all your needs. A range of order forms, measurement and size guides and colour guides unlock the power of Free M Downloads today.

Freem Is…

– 100% Made in Italy;
– Ergonomic line with an excellent fit;
– High quality fabrics coming exclusively from Europe;
– Lightweight (a size 50 suit weighs 930 grams);
– Three-layer structure to ensure high breathability and quick drying;
– Equipped with ICE-KEY passive safety device;
– 100% customisable in colours, graphics, cuts, logos, prints and sizes.

– Choose or design your suit
– Customise it with the colours you prefer
– Add logos and graphics

Race suit Overalls Templates Freem Measuring Template – FormDownload FreeM-MEASUREMENTS-CHART-standard-size-Guide_SUITS-3616320Download FreeM-SUITS_COLOUR-GUIDE-1-7891269Download Freem_Bespoke_Suit_Form_DRIVER-NAME-4656544Download

Underwear Templates


Boot Templates

FreeM-boot-MEASUREMENTS-CHART-Guide_SHOES-7597196Download FreeM-SHOES_COLOUR-GUIDE-7119389Download

Colour Guides

FreeM-SUITS_COLOUR-GUIDE-1-7891269Download FreeM-SHOES_COLOUR-GUIDE-7119389Download

Sizing Guides