Behind the head Headsets

About Behind the head Headsets

Indulge in the pinnacle of comfort, style, and performance with Harris Race Radios headsets! Crafted for an unparalleled experience, these headsets boast durable cables and plugs, ensuring longevity and reliability. The dynamic noise-canceling microphone coupled with large, plush gel ear seals delivers industry-leading, crystal-clear audio performance, enhancing your communication on and off the track.

Harris Race Radios caters to individual preferences with two distinctive headset styles: Behind-the-Head (BTH) and Over-the-Head (OTH). The Over-the-Head design features a metal band with a comfort pad that gracefully rests over the top of your head, providing a secure and comfortable fit. Meanwhile, the Behind-the-Head design incorporates a metal band that elegantly goes behind the head, complemented by a Velcro strap that secures over the head, ensuring a snug and customizable fit.

Whether you choose the Behind-the-Head or Over-the-Head style, Harris Race Radios headsets redefine communication accessories, blending innovation with comfort and performance. Elevate your racing experience with these meticulously designed headsets, where every detail is engineered to enhance your journey on the road or track.