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Motorola Rental Radios

 With our extensive experience and expertise in the field, we have a deep understanding of your requirements. Over the years, we have successfully provided tailored Motorsport radio rental solutions to businesses, motorsports, and various high-energy events including concerts and festivals, much like yours.

Our approach is centered around customization, ensuring that every rental perfectly aligns with your specific needs. We invest time in comprehensive consultations with our clients to truly grasp their requirements and preferences. This enables us to deliver a rental experience that goes beyond expectations.

Rest assured, we are equipped to assist you with virtually any event requirement you may have.

Motorsport events, dynamic concerts, lively festivals, Noisy Events

What truly sets us apart is our expertise in servicing both large and small-scale events, allowing us to cater to the specific requirements of Motorsport events, dynamic concerts, lively festivals, and even high-noise environments in Auckland, Wellington, or anywhere in New Zealand or around the world. We take immense pride in our ability to seamlessly integrate radio rentals into diverse event settings, ensuring smooth communication.

Furthermore, our track record includes successfully fulfilling the needs of renowned events like Motorspoert New Zealand championsip series, the Nazcar Lemons 24h . This not only demonstrates our versatility but also showcases our capability to handle a wide range of event types.

Trust us to deliver top-notch rental solutions, meticulously tailored to exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you enhance the communication experience at your upcoming event.

We offer a range of radio rental opportunities to meet your Short term two-way, Long Term or Emergency communications needs. Your equipment will be in perfect working order, clean, programmed, organised and ready to go. In addition we will provide a Radio Engineer, to ensure the gear works the way it should. 

We rent Motorola radios. They are flat out the best. Rent the best, don’t waste time with the rest.

Two Way Rental Radios For Motorsport from Harris Race Radios

Motorsport radios must give reliable and clear communications at the touch of a button nothing else is acceptable. Renting the latest Professional Digital Motorola makes good sense, don’t tie up capital on old technology, stay up to date. 

Motorola Digital radios are crucial in Motorsport, from professional race teams to circuit operations.

The use of Two Way Radios in motorsport comes in many forms. Digital radios are now essential in Motorsport, surpassing analog systems in range and clarity. Motorola is the top choice for its unmatched performance. Walkie Talkie hire facilitates effective communication between team bosses, drivers, and pit crews. Ensures the safety of trackside staff, marshals, and emergency crews at motorsport circuits by keeping them updated.

Common requirements of two way radios in Motorsport include being able to operate certain tasks on certain channels. Such as Marshals and Circuit staff on one, admin and office staff on others. This means your staff can talk freely and communications can be spread equally over the radios.

Pit Crew Communications Motorsport radio Rentals.

Lack of preparedness in pit crew, from tires to tools, can be race-costing.

Linked pit crew via Two Way Radios ensures efficient communication for seamless pit stops, regardless of team size.

We have special systems for lemons 24hour and nazcar 3h and 6h.

Durable Motorsport Radio Accessories

Durable accessories like handheld speaker microphones, noise-cancelling headsets, and waterproof options enhance communication in challenging conditions. Lightweight, reliable radios are essential for dependable performance.

The radios we recommend for Motorsport radio rentals are:

The radios we recommend for sports Marshals & Officials are:

See more Professional Motorsport Digital Systems.

Given the urgency of outdoor work and the need for swift reactions, clear and rapid communication is of utmost importance.

Irrespective of whether you fall into the category of a small independent racing team in New Zealand or Australia preparing for your upcoming race season, a pair of rally drivers in need of in-car communications for rally stages, or a race circuit seeking to upgrade your walkie talkie equipment, we are here to provide you with customized hire solutions. Our offerings cater to diverse budgets and requirements, ensuring a seamless fit for your specific needs.

We do special  discounted radio rental rates for 24 hours of lemons, North island endurance race series, South Island endurance series, D1NZ drifting, 2kcup, lemons and nazcar 24h etc.

When you hire from Harris Events or Harris Race Radios, motorsport radio rentals you will receive the following accessories free:

  • Single or 6-way multi chargers
  • Belt clips
  • Earpieces
  • Speaker
  • Microphones
  • Spare batteries.

We will match and beat any other supplier’s rental rates.

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