AiM MX Strada Display Dashes Car

About AiM MX Strada Display Dashes Car

AiM MX Strada (no logging)

Car Data Display For Racing And Motorsport.

The AiM MX Strada Display Dash is a compact yet powerful instrument panel designed to elevate the driving experience. With a high-resolution TFT display, this sleek unit provides real-time data on essential metrics like engine RPM, speed, coolant temperature, and oil pressure. Its customizable layout allows users to prioritize key information, ensuring a quick and easy glance at crucial data.

Beyond standard instrumentation, the MX Strada offers advanced features such as predictive lap timing, acceleration, and braking performance metrics. Suitable for both street and track applications, its compatibility with various ECUs and communication protocols ensures adaptability to different car models. The display's modern aesthetics and user-friendly interface add a touch of sophistication to any cockpit, enhancing not only the functionality but also the overall driving pleasure.