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Racing Motorsport Safety Harnesses & Accessories

Harris Race Radios offers the widest range of Motorsport car racing harnesses and accessories for safer and more comfortable racing positions. These harnesses come in 3, 4, 5, and 6 point configurations to fit different seats and race types including endurance racing. Car racing motorsport safety belt or speedway lever latch belts, available in 3inch or hans friendly 2″ belt

Safety is a priority. Your motorsport car racing harnesses meet standards for amateur and professional endurance racing. The car racing safety belts provide waist and shoulder support for confidence during intense races.

Reputable names like Schroth and Race Safety Accessories develop your products. This ensures both comfort and protection on the track.

Your harnesses come in various colors and styles, plus 2″hans friendly belts, adding racing style to the car’s interior.

Whether it’s Endurance, sprint, off-road, or speedway racing lever latch belts, our high-quality gear caters to all motorsport enthusiasts.


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