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Moreover, leveraging the cutting-edge design of the new generation Stilo ST5 F Full face Helmet, the Stilo ST5F Composite Circuit/Rally racing Helmet. Ther Helmet not only excels in meeting maximum safety standards but also flaunts a distinct and individual look. Crafted from kevlar MSF (Multi Sandwich Fiber). And equipped with an advanced WRC intercom system, this helmet effortlessly outshines its competitors.

The ST5F exceptional lightweight design, achieved through the integration of the smallest shell sizes in its class within the ST5 range, further sets it apart.

Additionally, the ST5 range of helmets offers enhanced ventilation and an upgraded interior, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort for the wearer. Notably, this helmet comes complete with built-in earmuffs and speakers, providing added convenience. It is worth highlighting that the Stilo ST5F Composite Circuit/Rally racing Helmet has undergone rigorous testing and obtained approval, meeting both the FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 standards for Motorsport car racing helmets.

Stilo ST5 F Formula Composite Helmet


EQUIPPED ACCORDING TO FIA 8858-2015 STANDARD and Snell SA2020 approved

material: fiberglass – kevlar MSF (Multi Sandwich Fiber)

Moreover, the Stilo ST5 F R Composite racing car and Rally Helmet eliminates external wiring, improving functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, it includes factory fitted FHR (HANS) clips for enhanced safety compliance.

Other features Include:

  • Multi function visor locking clasp
  • New visor locking system central with double click
  • Prepared for side and frontal drinking system
  • Adjustments: microphone mouth distance, ear area customization
  • Integrated Plugs: No more hanging cables and possible breakages. The whole electronics package is integrated into the helmet as well as the plug connecting to the intercom. The plug is on the right hand side of the helmet.
  • Adjustable Microphone: Magnetic-dynamic noise-cancelling microphone. Supplied with spacers to move the microphone position closer to the driver’s mouth.
  • Earmuffs: Offer excellent isolation from external noises and contain the intercom speakers. The pressure on the head from the earmuffs can be adjusted by changing the special foam rubber pads positioned between the earmuff and the helmet.
  • Peak: GT Option Adjustable peak specifically designed to shade from the sun.
  • Drinks System Connection Plug: Built in to the helmet on the left hand side is the optional drinks system port. Allowing the driver to easily stay hydrated during a competition and with quick release couplings also making it easy to enter and exit the car.
  • Double Shell: Two different shells: one for small sizes (XS, S and M) and one for large sizes (L and XL).

Snell SA2020 & FIA 8859-2015 approved and Snell SA2020 approved

Stilo ST5 F composite Helmet

Stilo ST5 F carbon Helmet


Stilo helmet size

Stilo ST5 F Carbon Helmet SA2020

Stilo ST5 FN Carbon car racing Helmet

Roux Helmets

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 37 × 30 cm

XS (54) (indent only), S (55), M (57), L (59), XL (61), XXL (63), XXXL (64)

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Stilo ST5 Composite helmet

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