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This anti fog deflector kit from Stilo is designed to fit to the chin bar pad of an ST5 helmet and deflect your breath away from the visor, eliminating fogging, and giving you a perfectly clear field of view.

The Stilo ST5 Anti Fog Kit was designed from the requirements of their F1 drivers.

For use in all ST5 helmets to prevent condensation and the subsequent fogging of the visor, and also reduces airflow inside the helmet for very high-speed race cars.

Particularly useful in colder/winter climates. The kit is easy to fit and is essential to all drivers and karters who suffer from issues where cold ambient airflow enters the helmet through the vents on the chin bar and causes fogging.

  • Fits all Stilo ST5 helmets
  • Prevents visor fogging so you have a perfectly clear field of view
  • Made from flame retardant material
  • Designed to fit in all Stilo ST5 helmets
  • Prevents build-up of condensation ion the visor and subsequent fogging
  • To be used on cold days in open-wheel cars
  • Reduces excessive airflow at very high speeds
  • Very simple to fit and remove from your helmet
  • Stilo Breath Deflector also available for other anti-fog devices
  • Stilo Part no: YA0873

Stilo ST5 Cheek Pads (Pair)

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Stilo anti fog

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