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Stilo introduces air intake fittings specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the Venti ST5 top air system using a modular connection. These fittings offer exceptional compatibility and convenience.

Choose from the straight or 90° options to suit your specific installation requirements. Whether you prefer a direct flow or a more angled connection, Stilo has you covered.

To ensure a secure and reliable connection, these fittings are compatible with Maglock connectors for the intake pipe. With the Maglock technology, you can trust that the fittings will stay firmly in place, even during demanding motorsport activities.

Upgrade your air intake system with Stilo’s high-quality fittings, designed for precision and performance.

  • Fits modular top air system
  • Straight option
  • 90 Degree will do left or right option (turn over for L or R )
  • Maglock connector compatible

Stilo Venti WRC / ST5 Short Top Air System Kit

Stilo Top Air Intake

Rugged radios 


Straight, 90 Degree

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Stilo top air modular system venti ST5

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