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Mounting for Intercom and Car Harness duel Nexus Jack, ideal for offroad vehicles, nexus duel headset cable mount .

Rugged radios duel mount

Make cable management easier than ever!

Use a Rugged Radios Dual Jack Mount to provide a convenient and accessible connection point on your dash, center console, or anyplace you prefer.

No more fumbling for hard to reach cables! Spend less time getting ready and just plug in and go!

Offered in a Single, Dual, and Bar Mount version, the options are endless.

Simply run the connections off the back of your intercom, behind the dash and secure into this jack mount. Need shorter or longer cables from your intercom to the Jack Mount? Shop the #CS-OFF options.


  • Duel Headset / Helmet Nexus Jack Flush Mount
  • (2) Set screw – Allen 1/16″
  • (4) Flush Mount Screw – Allen 3/32″

For installation, drill a 1″ hole. Jack Mount is .75″ deep.

Cables not included.

Rugged Radios 

nexus duel headset cable mount.

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Rugged dual nexus mount

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