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This is a special deal that includes a Black ROUX Helmet with HANS posts and a Stand 21 HANS Club Device.

Roux Helmet & HANS device Deal – What Helmet?

The ROUX R-1F Matt Black Fiberglass helmet is SNELL SA2020 rated, Base model helmet is fitted with RELEASE emergency helmet removal system, ROUX HANS posts plus FIA approved Stand 21 club series Hans device, special cheap low price deal, hans helmet deal, this is the best hans device helmet combo deals in nz

Optional extras, integrated water drink tube with quick disconnect, complete radio gear with noise cancelling microphone and speaker pods, Optional HANS anchors.


Black Roux Helmet R-1 Fiberglass, No Comms

What FHR (frontal head restraint) HANS in the helmet and HANS deal?

The FHR is the greatest safety innovation since the full-face helmet and the fire retardant racing suit. It reduces the risk of basilar skull fracture or muscle stretching during an intense deceleration, the primary cause of death in motor racing. 2 out of 3 drivers now purchase a FHR whereas it is or not compulsory in their racing series. This system can also be used with an open-face helmet, making its use much safer.

Hans Device Image result for stand 21 hans device size



Image of Driver

Wearing a head restraint device approved by the FIA is mandatory for all drivers and co-drivers in international events. Check with the Federation, sanctioning body that oversees your Championship: the decisions to make FHR mandatory are sometimes taken without advance warning. In any cases it is not advisable for your safety and your comfort to wear and install a FHR at the last minute or in very short time, especially without the assistance of FHR professional.

Choose your FHR System depending on:

1. Your neck circumference
2. The recline of your seat, the deal is only for 20 degree device, if you require other reclines please contact us for a helmet Hans deal.

Hans Diagrams
Fully Upright Seat
For sprint-car use
Also for slender drivers weighing less than100 lbs
Hans Diagrams
Upright Seat
For the majority of drivers in a majority of cars
Hans Diagrams
Reclined Seat
For drivers with larger upper-body in most cars or slender drivers in open-wheel cars
Hans Diagrams
Fully Reclined Seat
For speed-record vehicles, vintage open-wheel cars



This system will work well with all Harris Radio systems.

Select Roux Helmet Size.

Size S (57cm), Size M (58cm), Size L (59/60cm), Size XL (61cm), Size XXL (62/63cm)

HANS device sizes.

Medium, Large


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