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Roux Composite Helmets by Pininfarina GT Carbon Kevlar FIA8859/ Snell2020

Pininfarina and Roux have collaborated to create closed-cockpit GT Carbon Kevlar Composit helmets that prioritize temperature control and communications. These helmets feature several advanced technologies, including an integrated air port and Roux’s COOL-X integrated water-cooling system. Perfect temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

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100% Italian madepininfarina

roux-pininfrena-coolx_web-copyPininfarina the Legendary Italian Design house and Roux have unleashed an adrenaline-fueled masterpiece the closed-cockpit GT Carbon Kevlar composite helmets. These cutting-edge headgear creations are built to dominate the racetrack. Prioritizing temperature control.

Carbon Kevlar Composite construction, with built in Comms Factory communications and unleashing unparalleled performance.

Prepare to be blown away by the jaw-dropping features packed into these helmets. Quench your thirst for victory with the integrated water drinking tube, ensuring you stay hydrated and keep your competitive edge. Stay connected and in control with the thunderous audio system featuring a Harris Radio Plug. Noise-canceling microphone and speaker pods unleash crystal-clear communication that pierces through the roaring chaos of the racing arena.

In the realm of personalization, these helmets reign supreme. Every detail can be customized, tailored to your exact desires. Embrace the perfect fit and unleash your individual style, because these helmets were made to embody your racing persona.

Roux by Pininfarina GT Carbon Kevlar Helmet with communications factory fitted

Durability is the name of the game here. The helmet straps are armored with rubberized might, warding off fraying and maintaining unwavering strength even in the face of extreme conditions. The shield, fortified with a relentless push button fastener, ensures an unyielding grip, defying the forces of speed.

Ultra-wide visor Shield.

Prepare to see the world like never before with the extended Visor shield, expanding your vision to unimaginable ultra-wide angles. Experience the rush of peripheral vision that pushes you to the limits and beyond.

The HANS anchors have been meticulously optimized for peak functionality. They have been precisely positioned to extract every ounce of performance, enhancing your safety and unleashing your full potential. Engage in lightning-fast maneuvers with the new trigger and visor rotating system, providing effortless opening and closing in multiple positions. Adapt to the ever-changing track conditions with unrelenting precision.

Built-in HANS posts, injecting an extra dose of exhilaration into your racing experience.

Safety is paramount, and these helmets have your back. The revolutionary Release Equipped System is your guardian angel in emergencies, empowering safety crews to swiftly and seamlessly remove the helmet without endangering your neck. No compromises, no hesitation—your safety takes the pole position.

Rest assured, these helmets bear the badges of honor: FIA8859/Snell SA2020 approved. These prestigious certifications solidify the Roux Composite Carbon Kevlar helmets  standing as the pinnacle of safety and performance.

Pininfarina and Roux have joined forces to create the ultimate racing gear, destined for champions like you. Brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime as you strap on the closed-cockpit GT Carbon Kevlar helmet and unleash your unbridled power on the race track. This is more than just a helmet; it’s a declaration of dominance. Get ready to conquer the asphalt with unrivaled aggression and precision.

 What’s Included:

  • Roux by Pininfarina GT Carbon Kevlar Composite with built in Communications comms FIA8859rouxhelmetsizechart-02_9a6e6568-df63-45eb-84e3-99833312b48f_480x480-8259927
  • Clear Visor Shield (FIA Certified)
  • Dark Smoke Visor Shield (FIA Certified)
  • Shield Bag, Tool Kit, Extra Shield Hardware
  • Cheek Pads
  • Soft Ear Pads
  • Thin Ear Shim/Thick Ear Shim
  • Extra Gasket Seal
  • Air Intake
  • Pre-installed water/drink tube
  • Helmet Box



Helmet Size

XXXL Indent only, S (57), M (58/59), L (60/61), XL (62), XXL (64/65), XS (55/56) Indent Only


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Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.