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This complete offroad flex boom helmet kit features Dura-Link Sealed Connector, Clear Hear speakers and dynamic noise canceling mic for best audio performance. Helmet speakers are easy to install with peal and stick 3M adhesive backings.

Quick fit bracket
Harris Quick fit for helmet kits

For ease of fitting use Harris QR Helmet kit mounts

The Dura-Link Seal is a molded design featured on all Harris Race Radios offroad helmet kits to seal the connection between the intercom cable and helmet kit plug. This design is perfect for offroad race teams. The Dura-Link Seal protects the connection contacts from water, mud, and dirt which can affect audio performance.

The Dura-Link Seal works only with off-road intercom cables, and is a feature on all Harris Race Radios Offroad helmet kits.

Dura link rugged offroad


  • Dura-Link Seal
  • Alpha Audio Helmet Speakers
  • Full flex boom
  • Dynamic Noise-Cancelling Mic

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rugged offroad helmet kit
Offroad Helmet Kit

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rugged offroad helmet kit

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