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This is the Motorola Motorsport full professional Digital UHF radio system designed for professional Motorsport based systems with 135 programmable channels, The Car radio is a high powered 25W Professional Motorsport dedicated digital radio, with Motorola’s famous Professional hand held based system. this system is flat out the best if you need that longer range and clear communications.

Running the car radio from the cars 12v means there is no need to charge the radio battery, perfect for those long distance races.

Wiring Instructions for Radio system.

Ideal for professional racing at any level and for any type of racing, endurance racing, sprint racing, off road, boats etc. who want more range, the ultimate in noise cancelling, and clarity and a big step up from all other systems.

The system comprises 2 UHF or VHF Motorola radios and private channel digital 135 channel radios, helmet adapter cables, helmet to Radio wiring, PTT Switch, Smart Chargers, Professional Pit Headset, professional external antenna, etc.

Not all of the parts in the photo are included in this system.

full private channel license depending on your requirements can be arranged by our in-house Qualified Radio Engineers.

Motorola high powered radio system

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 14 cm

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Motorola high powered radio system

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