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The DM4400 em is a Motorsport digital 12v mobile radio from Motorola, designed for the high noise environment of all forms of Motorsport.  The Motorola Vocoder gives active noise reduction as well as active error correction, IP54 standards means that this radio has a limited Ingress protection against dust, whilst also being safeguarded against splashes of water from all angles. Motorola’s DM4400em is built to Military Specification (MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G), this ensures the radios reliability within a variety of differing weather conditions, continuing to operate seamlessly from -30°C to 60°C.

A channel capacity of 99 allows for sufficient communications between a team, whilst a 2-digit numerical display clears show the channel that the radio is broadcasting over. 4 Programmable buttons help to improve the ease-of-use, allowing the user to customize the radio to their needs to help improve the efficiency of the workforce. Multi-coloured LED indicators provide clear feedback to the user on its operating status at a glance to the user.

The DM4400 mobile radio has a transmit interrupt function allowing for a channel to be cleared should it be deemed necessary, this for in emergency situations or issuing new instructions. Text messaging and work order ticketing help to simplify complex communications within the workplace, whilst data capabilities help to support advanced applications. A high-powered amplifier helps the radio to deliver loud, clear speech, this alongside background noise cancellation for better intelligibility of conversation. Works well with the Motorsport industry standard DP3400 motorsport mobile radio.

Motorola DP3400 Digital Professional Motorsport Radio

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DM4400 mobile radio

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Motorola DM3400 digital motorsport mobile radio

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