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FreeM FIA Senso 22 car racing Motorsport Gloves are Designed to offer maximum sensitivity to the driver. Perfect for motorsport racing that requires extra sensitivity whilst still being safe, Circuit, Drifting, Rally, Speedway, boat, Gloves for all forms of Motorsport.


external seams, fully-integrated grippy palm and constructed from a significantly thinner material to ensure very high breathability.

Standard Colours: white, black, yellow and red.


FIA 8856-2018 approved gloves designed for the best driving from circuit or drifting to speedway Offroad experience.

SENSO 22 ensure the best comfort while driving, without compromising the feeling of the steering wheel.

Maximum protection against fire and heat.

The silicon ultra-grip component on the palm and the external seams on the finger provide a stay-put fit.

FreeM Senso 22 car racing Motorsport Gloves are FIA 8856-2000 approved and 100% made in Italy.