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The Maglock Connection Perfection for forced air helmets is a revolutionary solution that ensures a universal fit. For both helmets and air hoses, catering to a wide range of applications from high G-force environments like Indianapolis to weekend off-road racing. With the innovative MagLock® technology, there’s no need for duct tape or zip ties anymore. This advanced technology creates an air-tight seal with a remarkable 20lbs of force, guaranteeing a secure connection that will only release when you want it to.

The Maglock is Constructed with lightweight nylon-infused ABS material, this product is built to withstand the demanding conditions of motorsports and recreational activities. Whether you’re racing on the track or enjoying off-road adventures, the Connection Perfection offers durability and reliability. Designed in California, it incorporates patented technology, ensuring its uniqueness and effectiveness. Additionally, it is food safe and fire-resistant, prioritizing both safety and convenience for the users.