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Rally and Targa
Re Taiga/Rally/ touring; Here an intercom is needed to communicate between the driver and co-driver, with a cellphone, and radio connections. Music is an advantage as well as motorsports communications.
Intercoms Rally, Targa, Off-road, Power Boats.

Roux Helmets

Stilo Helmets Rally and Targa.


Intercoms range in price from $199.00 to $799.00, the more you pay, the more noise-cancelling etc. perfect for Targa and off-road.  High-powered Motorola Digital Motorsport Radios. Long range for off-road, and circuit racing.

Re Circuit Racing: Here you need a radio system, to communicate from Driver to Pit, intercom is used for driver training and ride days. The Noisier and faster the car the better the radio system needs to be.

Radio Systems range in price from $999.00 to $4999.00 the more you pay the better the range and clearer the audio, and the better the noise cancelling. Our Most popular system, and the system we recommend for most is the Motorola Professional Digital system, It is simply the best, everything you need, it is simply the Best. Not including the helmet requirements. Motorola Radios, Kenwood, ICOM, Harris race Radios, GME, all available.

Re Helmet requirements: There are two types that will work in a ROUX helmet, Aria Helmet, Bell Helmet, Stilo Helmet. 1. Using speakers in helmet. 2. Using special motorsport earpieces. Both can be used for either type of racing, earpiece system is more common in circuit racing. It is important that the microphone can be positioned as close to the driver's lips as possible and have the best noise-cancelling, to do this we use a special patented mic.

Harris Race Radios Complete helmet wiring kit. Harris style plug. Mono 1/8″ or RCA headphone jack. This is our own patented microphone. It utilizes RTM technology that diffuses the ambient sound waves away from the microphone element and cancels out up to 95% of background noise. This microphone delivers superior performance over any other microphone available.

Earpieces: There are 5 types: 1. Speaker, 2. Foam earpieces, 3. Semi-custom moulded, 4. Full custom moulded (takes 4 to 6 weeks). All available in 1/8" or RCA plug. Driver training.  Intercoms: At Harris Race Radios we have the biggest selection of intercoms for all purposes. Taiga, Rally, off-road.

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