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Rugged Radios Offroad Headsets

Rugged Radios Offroad Headsets

Experience the ultimate comfort, style, and performance of Rugged Radios Noise Canceling Headsets! Our intercom headsets feature plug in wired coil cords with durable NEXUS style plugs for offroad communication compatibility. The dynamic noise cancelling headset microphone and large, comfortable gel ear seals offer industry-leading, clear-hear audio performance.

Our two-way radio headsets feature a 5-pin port on the headset. When combined with dozens of optional two-way radio cables, you can connect virtually any handheld radio these headsets. Connect to anything!

Feel free to Contact Harris Race Radios at anytime 24/7. We Rex or Aaron Harris are more than happy to supply free quotes for any of your requirements. We specialize in motorsport communication and any noisy sports event, but feel free to contact us for any 2 way radio requirement, rental, outright purchase or any advice on Rugged Radios Headsets.