Radio Telemetry

About Radio Telemetry

Introducing the RFI-9256 telemetry radio, a cutting-edge license-free frequency hopping modem engineered specifically for the demanding world of Motorsport. Operating in the 900MHz ISM Band, this modem is meticulously designed to deliver long-range data transfer and dependable telemetry operation, providing unparalleled reliability on and off the track.

Built to excel in the most challenging environments, the RFI-9256 radio offers robust performance, ensuring seamless communication even in harsh racing conditions. Its advanced frequency hopping technology enhances signal integrity, minimizing interference and maximizing data transmission efficiency, guaranteeing uninterrupted telemetry feedback when every second counts.

With its compact and durable design, the RFI-9256 radio is perfectly suited for Motorsport applications where reliability and performance are paramount. Whether you're monitoring vehicle diagnostics, transmitting critical telemetry data, or coordinating race operations, this modem provides the dependable connectivity you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Experience the next level of telemetry communication with the RFI-9256 radio and unlock new possibilities for data-driven performance optimization in Motorsport. With its unmatched reliability and long-range capabilities, this modem empowers racers and teams to push the limits and achieve their full potential on the track.