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Tiger Model Scuba Mask only for Hydroplane racing helmets

Tiger Model Scuba Mask only for Hydroplane racing helmets

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The Tiger Scuba Offshore racing mask safety allows for breathing ambient air until roll over or water submersion occurs, at which time the compact second-stage regulator activates to provide emergency underwater breathing, used in offshore racing and hydroplanes, etc.

Tiger Scuba Offshore power boat racing safety mask allows for breathing ambient air until roll over or water submersion occurs. At which time the compact second stage regulator activates to provide emergency under water breathing. Used in offshore racing and Hydroplanes fitting to open and full face helmets Etc.

Note: Helmet Not Included. We hold most parts in stock, but not all. It is possible there may be a short delay in supplying.

Military grade and Scuba industry components and construction. The Tiger Scuba mask is the only racing mask that is fully automatic which activates upon inversion or submersion. And deactivates upon resurfacing. No rearming required, ever.

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The Tiger Offshore and Hydroplane Scuba Mask Racing Mask

The Tiger Scuba mask racing mask is a cutting-edge piece of scuba diving equipment designed to provide safety and comfort in various underwater scenarios. Here are the key features and functions of the mask: note some are optional.

Compact and Lightweight: The mask is designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring easy portability and reducing any unnecessary burden on the diver.


  • Automatic Activation: The mask operates automatically, allowing the diver to breathe ambient air until certain conditions are met, such as a roll-over or water submersion. Emergency Underwater Breathing: When the mask detects a roll-over or water submersion, an integrated second-stage regulator is activated. This feature provides the diver with emergency underwater breathing capabilities. Purge Button: The mask is equipped with a purge button that allows the diver to pressurise the mask and to expel any water that may have entered. This helps maintain a clear field of vision and prevents premature scuba valve activation due to accidental bumps.
  • Automatic Deactivation: Upon resurfacing right side up, the mask automatically deactivates the scuba regulator. This feature ensures a seamless transition back to breathing ambient air.

Optional Extras.

  • Swivel Hose: The mask is fitted with a swivel hose, enabling free motion of the scuba hose. This allows for unrestricted movement and easy access to the adjustable scuba valve orifice.
  • Adjustable Straps: The mask features adjustable straps that allow the diver to properly tension the mask on their face for a comfortable fit and a watertight seal. This ensures a secure and snug fit, preventing water from entering the mask.
  • Built-in Microphone: The Tiger hydroplane Scuba mask racing mask can be equipped with a built-in microphone. Enabling clear voice communications between divers or with a surface support team. This feature facilitates effective communication underwater.

Overall, the Tiger Scuba mask racing mask combines advanced technology. With comfort and safety features to enhance the diving experience and ensure the diver's well-being in various underwater situations.

Mask Assembly Includes:

  • Military Gentex MBU 20P mask shell and facepiece
  • Automatic ambient air valve
  • Tiger compact, miniature second stage regulator with adjustable orifice, integrated exhaust and hard purge button

Options and Accessories Include:

  • Helmets
  • First stage regulator
  • Scuba bottle and holder 
  • Ratcheting "J" Bayonets, Microphone assembly choices
  • Small diameter braid covered second stage flex hose assembly with either stainless steel female quick coupler or stainless steel male nipple, or 2 port "T" with 2 male nipples
  • Helmet hose kit
  • Lightweight helmet bayonet receivers
  • Communication Y cord and connector
  • Adjustment straps and ratcheting "T" bayonets
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