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Stilo ST5F N CMR Karting Helmet White

Stilo ST5F N CMR Karting Helmet White

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The Stilo ST5 Karting CMR range of helmets has been developed after meticulous and exhaustive research for perfection. Pushing the standards of safety and quality even further, the Stilo ST5 is now the benchmark for all competitors. Stilo ST5-F N Comp Karting Homologated CMR2016 - Not Suitable for Motorsport - Only Karting

The Stilo ST5 Kart Racing range of helmets is a result of extensive research and a commitment to achieving perfection. These helmets have set a new standard in terms of Karting safety and quality, surpassing competitors in the industry. The latest addition to the racing ST5 range, the ST5 CMR kart cmr racing helmets, offers several enhancements that further elevate its karting performance. Stilo st5 cmr kart helmet

One of the notable improvements in the ST5 CMR is its reduced weight. This enhances overall comfort and reduces strain on the neck during races. Additionally, the helmet features a smaller shell, contributing to improved aerodynamics and reduced wind resistance. Which ultimately enhancing the wearer's performance on the track.

The ST5 CMR also boasts an upgraded visor system, providing increased and clearer vision to the driver. The symmetrical visor design enhances the field of view, allowing for better peripheral vision and awareness of the surroundings. This is crucial for racing, where split-second decisions can make a significant difference.

Stilo ST5 CMR Karting Helmet, the Lightest in the Industry.

Comfort is a key consideration in the design of the ST5 CMR. The engineers engineered the helmet to ensure a comfortable fit for the wearer.  Allowing wearing for extended periods without discomfort or distraction.

Ventilation has been improved in the ST5 CMR. The helmet features enhanced airflow channels and ventilation ports, for better circulation of air and reducing heat buildup inside the helmet. This contributes to the overall comfort and focus of the driver during races.

Finally, the ST5 CMR introduces a new visor locking clasp that can be easily operated with just one hand. This feature provides convenience and ease of use. Allowing the driver to make quick adjustments to the visor position without compromising safety or focus.

Overall, the Stilo ST5 CMR represents a significant advancement in helmet technology. Combining safety, comfort, aerodynamics and functionality to create a benchmark for competitors in the racing industry. Stilo Karting ST5 CMR Helmet Specifications
    Material: carbon – Kevlar Weight of small shell: 1.200 g Weighing an incredible 1,200 grams (±30 g).
Optional setup: Fitted noise-cancelling microphone and helmet speakers. Wide aerodynamic personalised Antman Aero kits Size: XS 54, S 55, M 57, M 59 The new Stilo ST5 kart range of helmets has been developed after meticulous and exhaustive research for perfection. Pushing the standards of safety and quality even further, the Stilo ST5 is now the benchmark for all competitors.

The ST5 F N CMR helmet, available in black or white, incorporates the latest enhancements in the racing ST5 range. The helmet achieves a lighter weight, incorporates a smaller shell, enhances vision with a new symmetrical visor for improved clarity, ensures increased comfort, improves aerodynamics, enhances ventilation, and includes a new visor locking clasp that one can easily operate with just one hand.

Constructed from a carbon/Kevlar shell which not only makes it extremely strong but also makes it the lightest CMR helmet in its class - weighing an incredible 1,200 grams (±30 g). For extra safety, the helmet comes with a 3mm thick FIA-approved visor, which locks into a centrally located system that includes an adjustment to allow the visor to be slightly open if required, allowing extra airflow as preferred by some karters.

A full range of optional visors are available depending upon conditions, as well as a full range of spoilers and accessories.

Snell CMR 2016 Approved Stilo kart racing helmet




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