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This is a Freem NZ FIA Motorsport fireproof Underwear Package. This is a full range of Nomex Fireproof Underwear including balaclavas, tops, pants and socks. We have ergonomically designed all the underwear in this package, incorporating some of the most advanced features found in motorsport underwear at this very low price.

These features, such as flat seams, actively reduce pressure points commonly found in other racing underwear. Our design ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes discomfort during races or intense driving conditions.

This FIA Motorsport Underwear Package Includes:

  • Balaclava
  • Top
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • fireproof underwear motorsport

Colours: White, Black

Sizes: XS –XL

The Nomex Fireproof tops are customizable with any team, individual or sponsor logos in sizes XS – XXL

FIA Approved 8856-2018

FIA 8856-2018

The UNDERWEAR KIT U21 consists of a balaclava (open-face), a t-shirt, and pants. The kit follows the FIA standard 8856-2018 for safety.

Additionally, the FIA underwear package kit features an elastic fabric with a 3D pattern, providing exceptional flame resistance and heat transfer protection. Moreover, it boasts an ergonomic line and strategically placed seams to ensure maximum comfort during races. Plus, each garment allows customization through fireproof printing.

Furthermore, the U21 kit is homologated according to the FIA 8856-2018 standard, guaranteeing necessary protection. Overall, the U21 underwear kit offers high safety, comfort, and customization, aligning with stringent FIA standards.

Freem FIA Customized Nomex Underwear Top

Freem FIA Nomex Underwear Bottoms

Freem FIA Nomex Socks

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Freem Package FIA motorsport underwear package

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