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F.a.s.t. Shirts


FAST cool shirts are Premium grade shirts, and it is the most affordable way to stay cool in your racecar, this is the way to go!

This cool suit shirt will help maintain body temperature, fluid retention and overall focus. Our HANS compatible shirt design provides more tubing than any other manufacturer all of our cool suits connect to our air and water coolers through quick release medical grade connectors.

We, at F.A.S.T. Coolshirts, believe that every driver should have the tools to be a FAST driver!

“Keep Cool Man” is not just a metaphor but also good advice. Maintaining an even body temperature is advantageous to performance and endurance. Heat Stroke, exhaustion, dizziness, fainting, dehydration, muscle cramps, spasm and pain are all hazards of working in an excessively hot environment. F

By choosing a F.A.S.T. cool suit system for your race car, you will essentially have an edge on the track. Cool Suits provide a personal environment. Maintaining the body temperature, reduces stress on the body and the need to replenish fluids due to sweating. A cool body and cool head optimizes cognitive function and over all performance. You will find yourself able to race faster, longer, and also know that your mind is focused on the race (not the heat). Another benefit of using a FAST cool shirt is by reducing fatigue during the race, you will recover faster after the race.

Please, have a look at our products and know that you are getting the finest components available in cool suit technology.

F.a.s.t. Shirts

F.A.S.T. Cool Suit shirts are the original “Blue Tube” cool shirts. These “Blue Tube” shirts have been in production for over 20 years and still the choice of professional drivers everywhere. We’ve branched off from our “Blue Tube” and added some red and yellow. We have also introduced other fabrics for F.A.S.T. Cool Suit Shirts. We have Nomex, CarbonX and also our new Alpha with wicking fabric and performance fit!

We use “Zone Cooling” by bringing four equal cooling zones to the shirt, you feel maximum cooling. All of our F.A.S.T. Cool Suit Fast coolshirts are HANS device Hans Friendly.

The Harris race radios Cooling System is built by Fresh Air Systems Technologies or FAST for short. FAST is the leader in driver cooling from club racing to the highest levels of professional racing.

FAST shirts features more tubing over 50 feet, than any other shirt on the market. The "off the shoulder"  tubing pattern prevents pinching with a "HANS" type device.

Exclusive to Harris Race radios is the black or White color design of T-shirt. Other colors may result in a slight delay of shipping.

The Harris entry Kit includes a simple on/off switch, all wiring and connectors you will need to install the Driver cooling system in most cars.