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Here at Harris Race Radios we supply Motorsport radios. We have the best products and service in the racing industry. Everything you will need to operate your radios including but not limited to Racing Motorsport Aerials, Antenna, Cables, Mounts & Connectors you will find at Harris Race Radios.

Harris Race Radios is the industries leading suppliers/ Manufacturers of  Communications Digital Radio Equipment, Systems, Technology, and parts.

When it comes to Autosport, Motorsport, we have the latest car racing radios, Aerials, Antenna, Cables, Mounts & Connectors, Etc. These are the best quality as well as value for money.

From Part-time, Clubmans, Off-road, Rally or Drifting to Professional we are your One-Stop Shop.

Feel free to Contact Harris Race Radios at anytime 24/7. We Rex or Aaron Harris are more than happy to supply free quotes for any of your requirements. We specialize in motorsport communication and any noisy sports event