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AiM T12 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (EGT) for Kart

The AiM exhaust gas temperature (EGT) kart sensor accurately measures exhaust gas using a K type thermocouple placed in the exhaust header pipe for faster data reading and designed to operate with all MyChron kart dash/data loggers (including the new MyChron5 S and the older generation MyChron4).

When running the thermocouple cable through the chassis, ensure to keep it as far as possible from other cables, such as RPM cables or receivers, to minimise interference.


Alright, MyChron4/5 S 2T Sensor users, gather ’round and drop the excuses! Spare sensors aren’t a cushy option – they’re non-negotiable. Breakdowns are prowling, and if you’re too thick to stash backups, you’re practically begging to be left sucking exhaust fumes.

Racing’s a battleground. Your gear’s fragile as glass. Without sensors, you might as well be blindfolded in a minefield.

Got dual exhausts or wrestling with double temps? Save the sob story and get that Double Temperature patch lead. No cutting corners, no coddling – just the raw, reality of the racing world.

Enough with the sniveling. It’s gut-check time: snatch those spare sensors, seize the lead, and prove you’ve got the guts to own that track. Or slink away into oblivion – because the track eats excuses for breakfast, and so do AiM

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