Stilo Venti Wrc and Digi Wireless Intercom System

The New Stilo Venti WRC Helmet / Intercom System Is an Innovative Rally Helmet Produces a Revolutionary Vent Wireless Bluetooth Concept Within an In-cockpit Communication. Ideal for Rally, Targa, off-road, boat or offshore professional intercom communications Stilo venti WRC intercom system. To celebrate Stilo's 20-year anniversary and emphasise its authentic Italian heritage, the VENT WRC is named, paying homage to the renowned WRC Helmet series introduced during the company's inception. This lineage evolved into the WRC DES, enabling Stilo to clinch an impressive streak of 16 world titles in a row, along with numerous European and national championships. A great milestone in Stilo's history, the VENTI WRC introduces a revolutionary era with the integration of Stilo Wireless Technology, revolutionising communication between driver, co-driver, and the service park crew. Crafted by Stilo, this lighter helmet incorporates an innovative wireless key seamlessly integrated into its design, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables.
Stilo WRC venti carbon helmet
The Digi Wireless intercom, combined with a simple yet vital object, ensures constant connectivity for the crew. Whether fixing incidents or making quick car repairs, this groundbreaking innovation enables seamless information flow between driver, co-driver, and the service park team. Additionally, the elimination of cable connections enhances cockpit life and takes communication to new heights.
Stilo venti dg10 key
Wireless Technology Integrating seamlessly with the Venti WRC crash helmet, the Stilo Wireless Technology caters to drivers and also co-drivers. Designed for performance, comfort, and safety, the Venti WRC features a compact shell and a slimmer microphone holder. The frontal area deflects noise and also improves audio clarity. The helmet's design boasts assertiveness and comfort. All VENTI WRC versions (8860, Carbon, and Zero 8860) benefit from Stilo's innovative Puro Technology. Developed in Italy, it reduces weight without compromising finishing quality. Paolo Bocelli Paolo Bonetalli, Operations Director at Stilo, expressed the team's diligent efforts in introducing this innovation with the VENTI WRC, stating, "We are extremely proud of the remarkable progress we have accomplished. The WRC is a racing helmet that has set the industry benchmark in this discipline and has been utilised by numerous World Champions, which exemplifies the level of commitment and attention we dedicate to each project."
Stilo WRC Zero helmet

The VENTI WRC and the new DiGi Wireless intercom will bring in-cockpit communication to a whole new level. It will improve the quality of the communication and support the performance of crews in whatever competition from the FIA World Rally Championship to every rally around the world”.

Stilo WG-10 Venti intercom
Still has taken its wired DG 10 intercom and added Bluetooth rally intercom connectivity to its WRC Venti key. This allows wireless in-car communication between the driver and co-driver.
    Silo DG WL-10 Wireless Intercom
  • Allows connection to the intercom box without cables
  • Active Digital Noise cancelling for both crew members Individual volume controls and 4 noise-cancelling levels
  • Helmet Wireless Keys sold separately 
  • Designed for use with the new Vents and ST5 R WL helmets
  • Bluetooth Telephone connection allowed in road mode
  • Part Number – AB0520

Roux Helmets

Still WRC Helmets Stilo WRC Venti Zero 8860 Rally Helmet To celebrate Stilo's 20th anniversary, the WRC Venti Zero 8860 has undergone improvements, solidifying its position as the premier rally helmet worldwide. Not only does it meet the rigorous FIA8860-18 standard for top-tier championships, it also holds Snell SA2020 homologation for competition in the United States. With its Carbon finish, it is certain to become one of the most popular carbon rally helmets. It is certain to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, the DES model. Remarkably lightweight, the Zero boasts a small shell weighing just over 1kg.

Boom Redesign

Externally, the redesigned boom effectively deflects in-car sounds, thereby improving crew communication. Furthermore, the new boom facilitates easier microphone adjustment, resulting in enhanced sound clarity by reducing disruptive background noise. Additionally, the sleek peak and angular shell shape not only impart a more aggressive look but also reinforce the helmet’s strength.

In a significant development, all carbon shells are also now manufactured in-house, allowing for advancements in weight reduction and strength. This has been achieved through the utilisation of Stilo's proprietary Pluro technology. The innovative use of this technology eliminates the need for additional lacquer, resulting in weight savings while maintaining a glossy finish. Similar to the Des version, the Venti model is equipped with M61 HANS posts, enabling the attachment of a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) device. The interior of the helmet provides an exceptionally comfortable fit. As well, it offers customisation options through the services provided by Harris Race Radios. The fitted WRC electronics remain unchanged, underscoring their exceptional performance in demanding conditions. Another notable modification is the new design of the comm port plug. This not only enhances stability but also safeguards the intercom cable. Additionally, this modification has been primarily designed to accommodate the new Stilo DG WL-10 Wireless intercom helmet key. The positioning of the plug ensures clearance from the HANS posts and the tether of the FHR device. Overall, the WRC Vento consolidates its position as the preferred choice of rally drivers worldwide, seamlessly combining exceptional performance with stylish aesthetics.

Stock Note

Homologations: FIA8860-18 and Snell SA 2020

Sizes: Small Shell – XS, S, M, L; Large Shell – XL, XXL, XXL+