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MyChron Expansion is the new channel multiplier improving MyChron and MyChron 2T performances, thanks to four additional channels and a further connector for the CAN bus. Through this last connector MyChron can be connected to another AiM system (LCU One, GpS, SmartyCam HD on board camera, or a Data key for data download).
Thanks to its specific wirings, MyChron Expansion powers MyChron and its peripherals with an external battery, avoiding internal battery consumption. MyChron Expansion has four ports to connect to your MyChron. The MyChron Expansion is a very important upgrade to your MyChron. It allows you to add Throttle position, Brake position, Speed, Steering position and external power to power your system. It will also allow you to add a H20 Sensor making this upgrade very cost efficient for maximum data benefit.

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