Harris Motorsport Intercoms

Harris Motorsport Intercoms offer intercom models to suit The New Zealand professional and armature teams alike. Harris Race Radios are the authority when it comes to Intercoms with models designed to benefit various noise levels, and include additional functions like Bluetooth, radio and camera connections. This is why Harris Intercoms are the choice of champions throughout New Zealand and Australia. We have a great selection below. If you have any questions please get in touch with our expert sales team.

Intercoms & Parts

Intercoms & Parts

We have a large range of intercoms for all types of applications, and Manufacturers, Rally, Taga, Jetsprints, offshore, Driver training etc. Harris Race Radios, Stilo, Teratrip, OMP, Peltor, Etc. We service all brands.

All Harris Race Radios Intercoms are made with the highest quality components by highly educated technicians. Tested by our own race teams and Radio Engineers in the harshest conditions and packed full of features that will make for a more efficient day of racing and more enjoyable day in the florist or racetrack. Make sure you contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

Speak With Our Team

Call Aaron on +64 27 449 9654 or Rex +64 21 682 912 or get in touch via Facebook.

Be sure to check out the upgrade options for PCI exclusive Smart Bluetooth and Digital Signal Processing.

Off-road Intercoms

Rugged Radios Intercoms

Rugged Radios Intercoms

Rugged Radios offroad intercoms excel connecting passengers and two-way radios while also providing the convenience of Bluetooth music streaming. This integration facilitates smooth communication between individuals. Whether they are inside a vehicle or part of a group spanning multiple vehicles. Even in the face of noisy and challenging off-road conditions, these digital intercom systems ensure clarity and reliability.

When it comes to off-road race environments, Rugged Radios' off-road digital race intercom systems go beyond standard offerings. They are specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of drivers and co-drivers during races, enhancing their communication and situational awareness. These race-specific options include active driver-to-co-driver communication, advanced noise-cancelling technology, precise volume control, and other cutting-edge audio features. Such features actively contribute to the success and safety of race participants, ensuring that they can communicate effectively and stay aware of their surroundings.

We offer a range of off-road specific intercom for all our off-road customers.

The intercom connects everyone in your vehicle for hands-free communication through headsets or helmet speaker and mic kits. Have crystal clear conversations in high-noise environments with RR intercoms . Our recreation intercoms can include a number of features including Bluetooth for music streaming and Cell phone connectivity, Automatic music dimming with our voice activation (VOX), built-in Push-To-Talk (PTT) buttons, and are Two-way radio ready for car to car communications.

Bluetooth Intercoms for In-car Communications

  • High fidelity audio
  • 2-4 person connectivity
  • Bluetooth on most models
  • Two-way radio ready
  • Easy to use interface
  • Adjustable VOX setting
  • Affordable, full-featured intercoms
Purpose-built Race Intercoms for UTV, Truck, Buggy
  • Live mic operation
  • Independent Driver / co-Driver volume controls
  • 2-way radio ready
  • Driver isolate on select models
  • Side tone on/off on select models
  • Satellite phone interface
  • DSP Chip ready

Universal Intercom Kits for Any Vehicle or Custom Build

  • Kits without specific OE mounts
  • For any vehicle and custom build
  • Includes intercom and 2-way radio
  • Bluetooth music streaming

Build Your Own Intercom Kits

  • Ideal for existing helmet kits or headsets
  • Essential communications
  • Intercom and driver/co-driver cables
  • Most kits include Push-to-Talk buttons

Add More Passengers With Intercom Expansion Kits

  • Easily add 2 additional persons
  • Choose headset or helmet kits
  • Includes 16′ rear seat cables
  • Plug-N-Play connections

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Rugged Wireless headsets
  • Full Duplex Bluetooth operation
  • Push-to-Talk on eardrums
  • Full flex mic boom
  • Volume control on eardrumsRubber coated ear domes
  • Dynamic Noise-Cancelling Mic
Intercom Cables, Extension Cables, Headset Adaptor Cables
Rugged cables
  • Intercom cables
  • Extension cables
  • Headset and helmet kit cables
  • Race Series cables

Intercom Noise Filters, Rocker Switch Controls, Weather Protection, and Accessories

Noise filtersRocker switch controlsWeather protectionRocker switchesDigital Speech Processor ChipsGround Straps

Complete Radio and Intercom Offroad Kits for Your UTV and SXS
  • Complete intercom and radio kits for UTV’s
  • Shop by UTV
  • Intercom, 2-way radio
  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • Choose headsets or helmet kits
  • Includes factory style mounts