Harris Car Motorsport Racing Radio Harness

Harris Car Motorsport Racing Radio Harness
Not all motorsport radio harnesses are created equal. Get the best. Harris Race Radios' latest, digital high-performance two-way radio communication Driver Car Radio Harness Kits. A poor-quality harness will affect the quality of communications. Digital motorsport radio wiring harnesses range from entry-level budget to the highest-quality professional options. We have what you need.

Car Harness Interface Cables and Fly Leads

Unlike Most Motorsport Radio Systems Currently on the Market, Our Driver Radio Harness Kits Have Been Designed and Developed by Our Own Internal Team of Radio Engineers \ Data Engineers, and Race Car Drivers Whom Are No Strangers to the Racing Tracks Around the World, Ensuring the Best Performance and Quality!

Harris Race Radios Incorporate Superior Microphones Along With Industry Standard Wiring Connections.

High Performance, Crystal Clear Communication and Even Cross Brand Compatibility With Roux, Stilo, Peltor etc.
Harris Race Radios Profesional Motorsport communications harness

Harris Race Radios Professional Digital Car Harness.

The Harris Race Radios Professional Digital Car Harness is the top of the line digital car wiring harness on the market. Harris Racing harnesses are both rugged and durable. A perfect harness for the Harris Race Radios Professional Radio Systems, the Special 99.9% Immune Cable with 100% foil wrap and overall braided shield provides superior protection from Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic (EM) interference. Durable polyurethane insulation provides strength, flexibility and resistance to abrasion. Features a Tough Durable Moulded Y-block With 6ft Leads for Helmet and PTT. Harris Race Radios Communications 5-pin Connector Allows Use With Most Hand Held and Mobile Radios.

Kevlar reinforce, RF screened, Digital compatible.

Digital motorsport radio wiring harness entry-level budget to the highest quality. Professional, we have what you need.

Universal Harris car harness with 6 ft. helmet and push to talk leads. Harris car harnesses with Total Shield are tough and keep you in the race with durable and reliable performance race after race.

  • Rugged black Nexus jack
  • Tough high bend test wire
  • Universal 5 pin radio connection
  • Standard 3 pin push to talk jack
  • Moulded Y block
  • Total Shield RF blocking
Radio interface cables

Analog Racing Radio Harness.

Mototrbo cables
Ideal for club members' racing
3 pin female connector

3 Pin Female Plug as Used on Racing Car Harness.

OffRoad Racing car harness,

Race Car Wiring Harnesses

The Harris race Radios Professional Race Car Harness is the Rugged Core of any race car two-way radio communications. With a wide range of Car Harness solutions, Harris race Radios offers professional configurations with Driver ID, Factory-supplied PTT, Push-To-Talk, Digital Signal Processing, and Custom Builds for any make and model of vehicle. 

Compatible with a wide range of mobile and portable radios, Harris Radios has designed harnesses for the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, GT3, GT4, Saleen, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, and more! Harris Radios Car Harnesses and Custom Built Car Harnesses are Designed for the High-Performance Demands of Professional Racing. With over 40 years of experience in pioneering two-way racing communication, Car Harnesses & Accessories. Digital motorsport radio wiring harness, entry-level budget to the highest quality. We have what you need.