Harris Ptt (push to Talk) Buttons

Push to Talk buttons PTT

Harris Race Radios offers a wide selection of Motorsport PTT (push to talk) buttons for almost every type of racing application. From waterproof Velcro mounted PTT’s to hole mounted versions and more, we have what you’re looking for! Simply mount and connect to your racing intercom or communications harness, and you’re back in action. We provide for Circuit Racing, OFF Road, Power Boats, etc.

Velcro Mount Style Push-to-Talk Switch "PTT"
Velcro PTT Harris Race Radios

This is our most popular PTT that provides the highest quality

This is the toughest Velcro mount steering wheel Push-To-Talk switch in the industry. Solid ABS plastic housing. 1,000,000 cycle sealed red PTT button, and special twisted pair urethane coil cord and wired with an industry standard 3-pin connector.

Buy Now Hole Mount Style Push-to-talk "PTT" Switch
PTT Hole mount

One piece metal design. This is also the toughest hole-mount steering wheel PTT switch in the industry. Threaded black plated brass housing for use with any steering wheel thickness, 1,000,000 cycle sealed red PTT button, special twisted pair of urethane coil cord, and wired with industry standard 3-pin connector.

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Nexus Mil Spec Panel/hole Mount Push to Talk Button.

ptt switch Nexus

Nexus Mil Spec Panel/Hole Mount Push to talk button through hole for professional Motorsport.

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Push-to-talk Hole Mount for 6 Bolt Steering Wheel

PTT mount
PTT mount
Steering wheel PTT

Relocate your motorsport Push-to-talk (PTT) button to your steering wheel using this hole mount bracket from Harris Industries. The bracket fits any 6 bolt steering wheel and works with Harris various Hole Mount PTT cables. For convenient comms use this PTT Hole Mount Steering Wheel Bracket.

PT Switch - Red-Blue - Yellow
PTT button red
Replacement push to talk switch for headsets and external PTT switches. Red-Blue-Yellow Button. Buy Now 3-pin Male Mini Put Connector
3 pin female connector
Features and Info: 3 Pin Male 3 Conductors Lock type mate Mini-XLR .170" Cable Opening 3 pin male Mini Solder.

Used on Harris PTT cords.

Buy Now 3-pin Female Mini Put Connector
Female Connecter PTT
Features and Info: 3 Pin Female 3 Conductors Push button lock Mini-XLR.170" Cable Opening 3 pin Female Mini-XLR – Solder. Buy Now
PTT buttons
Put Push to Talk Buttons Velcro Mount, Hole Mount, Steering Wheel Mount, and Moto PTTs

Harris Race Radios provides a diverse range of PTT (push to talk) buttons catering for every racing and recreation application. Our selection includes waterproof Velcro® mounted PTTs, hole mounted versions, and more. Ensuring we have the exact solution you need. Mount and connect effortlessly to your racing intercom or communications harness. Allowing you to quickly get back in action with seamless communication. Experience the power of our push to talk buttons (PTT) for enhanced racing or recreational communication.

If you are unsure what PTT you need, please feel free to contact our professional team at Harris Race Radios.

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