Vertex Standard Radios

Vertex standard

   VDM304 Vertex Digital Motorsport for Better Communication and Value

You can afford to enhance your communications with the Vertex standard digital performance from Harris Race Radios two-way radios. Vertex Standard Radios are compact and precision-engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality — giving you more capabilities and the flexibility you need to communicate at your best.Conversion Made Easy with Analog Integration these radios operate in both analog and digital modes and can be used with any existing analog two-way radios.            Do Digital Right: Stay Compatible and Maximize Efficiency this digital radios operate using the  Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital mobile radio protocol to achieve spectrum and power efficiency and lower total equipment cost compared to FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access). It is important to note these two protocols are not compatible. So, unlike analog, not all digital radios work together in digital mode. Over 74% of digital radios used worldwide are TDMA — make the right choice the first time with eVerge for a future proof compatible investment.

Motorola Digital, Kenwood Digital and Vertex will talk to one another; they are both TDMA. ICOM does not have TDMA nor the very important error correcting of the Motorola, Vertex, Kenwood, TDMA systems. Better Radio Call Quality: TDMA Digital eliminates noise and static from voice transmit to only deliver the intended voice message crisply and clearly. eVerge digital radios feature the AMBE+2™ vocoder for enhanced voice quality. Better Battery Life: TDMA radios in digital mode can operate up to 40% longer than typical analog mode as a result of the TDMA protocol and reduce overall battery consumption per call. Better Coverage and Connection Monitoring with ARTS II™: Vertex delivers ultra-clear audio right up to the edge of the transmit range. And, with Vertex Standard's exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS II), you will always know when you are in or out of range with another ARTS II-equipped radio, be it Motorola or Kenwood. The ICOM system is standalone.            

Submersible and Weatherproof:

Verge EVX-530 Series meets international standard IP 57 for dust and water protection where fresh water does not harm the radio when submerged to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. TDMA digital radio systems are by far the best system to use for motorsport communications.

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