Offroad Communications

Complete TV Communications Kits Complete UTV Kits for in-car communication. Talk off-road vehicle to vehicle. Available for Polaris, Can-am, Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha UTVs.

Complete communication solutions allow everyone in the vehicle to Communicate hands-free with headsets or helmet kits while 2-way radios provide Communications up to 30 miles offroad communications and more!

UTV and Side by Side Communications has become the standard for enthusiasts and the most popular area of service for Rugged Radios.

TAlk between passengers, Communicate with other vehicles., Listen to music and Make phone calls. through headsets or helmet kits.

Just start talking and music will automatically dim, making conversation easy.

For music and phone calls, simply pair your phone using the onboard Bluetooth, and you're ready to stream. Connect GPS or any Bluetooth device. The high output amplifier provides high fidelity audio for the best at music enjoyment. The enhanced music controls allow you to shuffle through your music directly from the faceplate of the intercom.
Rugged Radios - Off Road Equipment

Rugged Radios – Off Road Equipment

Rugged Radios off-road equipment, the Authority in Off-road communications. Rugged radios Intercoms, Headsets, Pumpers, Bell Helmets, Helmet Kits, Etc. Harris Race Radios - Race-proven communications by Rugged Radios to get you to the finish line! Get your entire team on the same page with trusted, reliable communications equipment. Performance tuned race communications for race car, chase truck, prerunner, base & pit support, moto & ATV. Short course with head and neck HANS device safety equipment, off-road helmets, and race catheters for males and females.

Race proven communications to get you to the finish line! Get your entire team on the same page with trusted, reliable communications equipment.

Rugged Radios Performance-tuned race comms off-road radios for race car, chase truck, prerunner, base & pit support. For the race crew, shop SA-rated off-road helmets with head and neck restraints. And – don't forget the race catheters. Every second counts on the track!

We’ve selected the top equipment recommended for the racing applications below. It’s the same equipment we put into all the vehicles for the top Rugged race teams. Shop long range radios, base camp communications, race intercoms, and race essentials here.

Rugged Radios the authority in off-road communications.
Rugged Radios Intercoms

Rugged Radios Intercoms

Rugged Radios offroad intercoms excel connecting passengers and two-way radios while also providing the convenience of Bluetooth music streaming. This integration facilitates smooth communication between individuals. Whether they are inside a vehicle or part of a group spanning multiple vehicles. Even in the face of noisy and challenging off-road conditions, these digital intercom systems ensure clarity and reliability.

When it comes to off-road race environments, Rugged Radios' off-road digital race intercom systems go beyond standard offerings. They are specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of drivers and co-drivers during races, enhancing their communication and situational awareness. These race-specific options include active driver-to-co-driver communication, advanced noise-cancelling technology, precise volume control, and other cutting-edge audio features. Such features actively contribute to the success and safety of race participants, ensuring that they can communicate effectively and stay aware of their surroundings.
Rugged Radios - Radios

Rugged Radios – Radios

Rugged Radios radio systems.

OffRoad helmets pumper wired
Off-road Helmets Pumper WiredWelcome to the Bell Off Road Pumper wired Helmets section of Harris Race Radios. Here you'll find a selection of high-quality, DOT-rated off-road helmets. Packed with features like forced pumper air inlets, premium dust skirts. Off-road intercom wired, and much more. These helmets also come pre-wired with a Rugged Radios off-road helmet kit for seamless communication. Shop with confidence knowing you're purchasing from an industry leader in motor racing communications. With years of experience in endurance and off-road motorsport events.

Helmet Air Pumper System