Stilo Intercom Manuals (DG-10 WL-10 & WL Key)

Download the PDF manuals for Stilo's DG-10 WL-10 and WL Key intercom systems.ย Enhance your racing communication with comprehensive guides that cover everything from basic commands to advanced features.

Download the Manuals:

DG-10 Control Panel Manual (PDF)

WL-10 Instruction Manual (PDF)

WL Key Instruction Manual (PDF)

Stilo Decal

Overview of Stilo Intercom Systems

DG-10 Control Panel:

  • Driver Volume Adjustment:
    • First press: display blinks, shows pre-set volume.
    • Second press: changes volume.
  • Telephone Call Control:
    • Green button: 2 seconds to start call.
    • Red button: 2 seconds to end call.
    • Adjust volume during call with Co-driver +/-.
  • RCA Connections:
    • OUT (Red): Camera connection.
    • IN (White): Radio connection.


  • Filtering Levels:
    • Select from 0 (low) to 4 (high) for both Driver and Co-Driver.
  • Volume Adjustment:
    • Use "+" or "-" to adjust, value displayed on WL-10.
  • On/Off:
    • Switch on WL-Keys and WL-10, auto-connects.

WL Key:

  • Helmet Pairing:
    • For Driver and Co-Driver: press ON button and helmet button for 8 seconds.
    • Confirm pairing, LEDs flash blue.
  • Push-To-Talk (Radio Only):
    • Red LEDs light up in Road mode when PTT is activated.
  • Mute Function:
    • Press '-' for 2 seconds to mute, any key to unmute.