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Harris Race Radios are New Zealand NZ and Australia AU distributors and stockists of a huge range of motorsport helmets. Roux, Stilo, Bell and motorsport and off-road helmets. Visors, peaks and parts for car racing, karting, off-road, offshore, helmets, Auto Motorsport NZ, etc. If you can't see it here, we will get it.

Motorsport Car Racing Helmets

Roux Helmet USA
Learn more about Roux Helmets USA Roux Helmets Roux / Hans combination
Stilo KRT karting helmet
Learn more about Silo Stilo Helmets Stilo Karting Helmets Stilo / Hans Combination Buy Ant-Man products Ant-Man Helmet Design The original creators and manufacturers of the world-famous brand Ant-Man Custom Trix. Ant-Man brings you a world-first and one-stop shop for unique helmet accessories. And upgrade kits for auto Motorsport and off-road Helmets NZ.

Roux Visors, Peaks, Forced Air.

Silo Visors Peaks and Parts We have an extensive range of Stilo visors and peaks and all the fittings to make them work. Whether you're an avid motorsport enthusiast or a professional race car driver, we have the perfect visor or peak to meet your needs. Our visors are crafted with precision and designed to provide exceptional clarity and protection, ensuring optimal visibility on the track. Our collection includes various types of Stile visors. From clear visors for enhanced visibility in low light conditions to tinted visors for added sun protection. You can also choose from a range of different finishes, including antifog and scratch-resistant coatings, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of peaks that are compatible with Stilo helmets. These off-road helmet peaks not only provide a stylish look but also shield your eyes from glare and debris. Thus, allowing you to focus on your performance without any distractions.

Furthermore, we understand that proper fittings are crucial for the optimal functioning of visors and peaks. Thatโ€™s why we stock all the necessary fittings and accessories to ensure a secure and reliable attachment. From pivot kits to mounting hardware, we have everything you need to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Browse our collection today and find the perfect Stilo visor or peak for your racing needs. Experience the difference in clarity, protection, and style that our products bring to your race day.

Motorsport Helmet Cooling Pumps, Hoses, Fittings Etc.

Hans Devices and Helmet Combo.

Hans Clips and Parts

Roux and Stilo helmets are purpose built for Autosport Communications. They have factory built in mics and Speakers, this works out to be one of the best systems. Although an up grade on the mics in these Helmets to the Euro mic. Is a big improvement for car racing circuit racing helmets.

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Motorsport helmets are an absolute requirement for all levels of motor racing. Moreover, even small impacts to the head can have serious consequences. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to protect your head. After all, you only have one! At Harris, we take pride in stocking the most comprehensive range of automotive helmets certified for all disciplines of motorsport. We have stock to use for anything from track days to formula drift.

Different forms of automotive racing require helmets with different features. Open-top cars require the driver to wear a full face helmet with a visor. In disciplines such as F1 where weight saving is a top priority, carbon fibre helmets must be used. In contrast, a rally driver and navigator would be better suited with an open-face helmet. And they require features a built-in communication system. Whatever form of motorsport you compete in, we have a helmet to suit your needs.

Stilo Motorsport Helmets

Stilo dominate the motorsport helmet industry, excelling in race, rally, off-road and karting helmets. With their unwavering commitment to safety, weight reduction, and functionality, Stilo stand as the leading brand for both professional and amateur drivers. Take the Stilo WRC DES as an example, boasting an impressive 65% market share in the rally world. In the World Rally Championship, almost all drivers and co-drivers rely on the iconic WRC helmet. Featuring the renowned boom microphone design. Stilo in circuit racing, Zero line of helmets, recognised as the lightest and most advanced FIA 8860 homologated helmets available. It won't be long before more drivers, inspired by the likes of Valtteri Bottas, opt for these helmets. Stilo's philosophy revolves around zero compromise, striving to create the safest, lightest, and most functional line of helmets and accessories. Their Italian design sets them apart, ensuring unparalleled performance and protection. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring driver, these helmets provide the ultimate headgear. Unparalleled safety and performance on the track.

Bell Motorsport and Karting Helmets

Bell Racing Helmets stands as the premier global manufacturer of cutting-edge head protection for both professional and amateur auto racing drivers. The Bell brand is emblematic of safety, innovation, performance, and unparalleled engineering prowess.

New Zealand Kart Racing Motorsport Helmet:

Kart Helmet Rules:

Competitors in NZ Kart Sport must always wear a full-face helmet with a properly fitted visor snapped shut. It is crucial to securely fasten the helmet and ensure that no structural parts. Except for the visor, are detached or lifted. Moreover, the use of helmets with built-in rearview capability is strictly prohibited. Only approved helmets are permitted, and it is imperative that they are kept in excellent condition. Additionally, it is important to note that helmets older than 10 years are not allowed in NZ Kart Sport.

An approved helmet must bear one of the listed approved standards published in the Kart Sport Manual. Additionally, at the start of each calendar year, racing helmets that comply with the standards outlined in the manual and are in good condition will receive a tamper-proof year-dated Kart Sport New Zealand sticker. This sticker will be placed on the outside back of the helmet by a Kart Sport New Zealand Race Official. However, if the racing helmet is involved in an incident or its condition deteriorates, a Kart Sport New Zealand Race Official will remove the sticker.


Competitors within the racing confines, including those waiting for a race, time trial, or practice to conclude. As well as those riding on a recovery vehicle/trailer, must wear a helmet at all times. Furthermore, it is important to note that the only exceptions to this rule are specific situations. Where the helmet must be removed under the supervision of medical personnel. Or when the competitor is standing within a designated safe area, such as Flag Point.

It is also the competitorโ€™s responsibility to prove the quality of the helmet. It is not necessary for a Machine Examiner or the Chief Steward to prove the standard. Or quality of an unidentified helmet.

Manufactures Dates

All helmets manufactured, as evidenced by the manufacturerโ€™s date of manufacture labelling. More than 10 years old prior to the date of an event may be impounded. Where no date of manufacture is visible on the helmet. The onus is on the competitor to prove the helmet is less than 10 years old. Date of purchase is not evidence of the age of the helmet.

The Chief Steward is also empowered to impound any helmet considered of insufficient standard or, if of the approved design. Or in a damaged or unsound condition.

Only helmets equipped with a strap retaining system are allowed.

Helmets are not to be modified, except as specifically permitted by the helmet manufacturer. In particular; ABS and Polycarbonate helmets must not be painted. It is not permissible to put any stickers on ABS or Polycarbonate helmets. Other than those supplied by the helmet manufacturer. For composite shell helmets, it is imperative to use a paint that is approved by the manufacturer. When applying any coatings. Helmet fit, the strap should be correctly fastened. And the helmet should not be removable by lifting the back of the helmet during a fit test.

See drawing right-hand top corner of this page. Using helmet restraints to secure a driver's helmet to the kart is prohibited.

Kart Motorsport Helmet Visors

These must be properly fitted to give complete eye protection at all times. Visors must be correctly fitted. Any foreign attachment to the visor to hold it in place is not acceptable. Visors which change colours (i.e. Blue Blockers) are not acceptable. Competing at events under lights requires the use of clear visors exclusively. Additionally, when using a wet weather whirly, it is mandatory to use a properly fitted visor. All visors must be clean and free of scratches and marks. Any attachment to the visor must not be lower than eye level when worn.

The Chief Steward has the authority to confiscate any helmet visor that is deemed to have insufficient standard or clarity. Or is in a damaged or unsound condition.

Care of Your Helmet

    Make sure your helmet is not subject to solvents or fuel while in storage, at meetings, and during transport.
  1. Solvents of any kind must not be used to clean your helmet โ€“ use soap and water.
  2. Do not place your helmet where it can be subject to continuous sunlight, e.g., parcel trays, rear car windows.
  3. Store your helmet in a dark and dry location.
  4. Use a helmet bag to protect your helmet.
  5. Donโ€™t loan or share your helmet.
  6. Kart Sport New Zealand NZ strongly recommends that you do not use a motorsport helmet for more than three years.
  7. Make sure your helmet is not dropped or subjected to abuse in any way. If this happens, have it re-examined by a qualified person or replace it.
  8. In the case of a severe impact, the helmet should be destroyed so it cannot be reused.

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