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Radio Noise Cancelling Headsets

Noise cancelling headsets with mic by Harris Race Radios offers the most diverse cost-effective collection of high-performance quality headsets.  With ‘Clear Hear’ audio, proprietary technology, and years of development, your options are endless and unmatched by other brands. From Circuit, Drifting, Rally, Targa, aviation, a spectator to off-road racing, headsets are the cornerstone of most motorsport communication setups, even Bluetooth headsets. Whatever is your need Harris Race Radios delivers the best, at the best price. 

The Harris Headsets Best most cost effective noise cancelling headsets on the market to day.

Once you make that decision, your choice comes down to the features you need in your headset.

Noise cancelling headsets

Let’s help you find the right noise cancelling headsets ! The first thing you want to decide is whether you want a “Behind-the-Head” or “Over-the-Head” headset. A “Behind-the-Head” design features the headband that goes behind the head. This is popular with race drivers and pit crews because it eliminates bulky headbands over the top of the head, leaving individuals free to wear a hat or safety helmet over the Velcro head strap.

over the head v behind the head  Noise cancelling headsets.

Pro Carbon Fiber OTH Noise Cancelling Single radio Headset. Simply the best 

The lightest and highest quality motorsport headset available.

The noise cancelling Microphone is mounted on a flex boom and has a ratcheting style adjustment. Headband is lined with thick and plush padding. This headset sounds even better than it looks. This headset performs extremely well when paired with a Motorola Professional Digital radio.

  • Ear cups made with 100% Carbon Fiber
  • 2 PTT buttons.
  • 3.5mm monitor input jack.
  • 150ohm flex boom mic with excellent noise attenuation properties.
  • These come with the strongest cabling available ensuring minimal failures.
  • Weighs only 256g (9.03oz or .56lbs)
  • For use with 1 or 2 portable radio
Harris Pro Fully carbon headset
Harris / Motorola Mission Control Professional Multi channel noise cancelling headsets .
noise cancelling carbon active cancelling.

The Ultimate Race Team communications system.

  • 6 programmable PTT channel buttons for Multiple cars/ Crew or talk groups.
  • Featherweight Carbon Fibre construction.
  • Active Noise Cancelling powered from radio.
  • Home PTT button
  • Bluetooth activation connect to your Smart phone or Bluetooth Intercom.
  • Extra comfort headband.
  • Supper comfort Pilots ear covers.
  • noise cancelling bluetooth headset.
  • Dynamic noise cancelling microphone.
  • Professional Motorola cable for direct connection to Motorola DP4800e digital radio.
  • Ear cups made with 100% Carbon Fiber
  • 150ohm flex boom mic with excellent noise attenuation properties.
  • These come with the strongest cabling available ensuring minimal failures.
  • Weighs only 256g (9.03oz or .56lbs)
  • For use with 1 portable radio Motorola DP4800e

Note: this Noise cancelling headsets with mic will only work with Motorola DP4800e series radios.

The Ultimate Professional Radio/ headset combination for Race Engineer of a multi race car team with separate motorsport communications to crew, Bluetooth phone connection, active noise canceling powered directly from the Radio, Harris Race Radios and Motorola Digital Motorsport Radios.

mission control noise cancelling headset with Motorola DP4800e series radio.
Over the Head Headsets.

noise cancelling bluetooth headset

Harris over the head headset
Harris Single sided headset
Duel radio Headset
Duel Radio Headset
Behind the Head noise cancelling headsets
Harris race radios motorsport communications headset
rugged radios headset
5 pin headset connector
Rugged Radios headset PTT Button

Features: Carbon style behind the head.

  • Carbon fiber style finish
  • Dual cone audio speakers
  • Military grade M101Dynamic mic
  • Push to talk with waterproof cover
  • 3.5mm scanner/music jack
  • 5 pin universal radio port
  • Long lasting polyurethane ear seals
  • Stainless steel headband
  • Deluxe comfort head pad
  • Adjustable headband thumb nuts
  • High bend test cabling
  • Motorsport communications headset
  • Easy to use volume control
Stilo WRC Touring headset
Stilo WRC Touring headset

Stilo Touring headset Trophy

  • Fitted with Trophy electronics for cost-effective intercoms
  • Connects to Stilo Trophy 2 Intercom only
  • Earcups fold inside headband for compact and easy storage
  • Comfortable to wear

Stilo Touring headset WRC

Fitted with WRC electronics for the highest quality for Stilo intercoms.

connects to all Stilo WRC Intercoms and Harris intercoms.

easy storage and comfortable to wear.

Noise Cancelling headset.

Rugged Radio headsets.

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