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Tely ACE Pilot Headsets are fully crafted from lightweight, durable carbon fiber, our headsets’ cup design enhances sound quality while optimizing noise-canceling characteristics—perfect for achieving a clear, comfortable ride. In addition to reducing ambient sound, our ANR (Active Noise Reduction) Headsets come equipped with Bluetooth, so you can make phone calls or listen to music whenever you choose. The best active noise reduction pilot headsets at budget prices, with out loss of quality.

   These are the next best thing in aviation.  They are super light weight, great for long flights.  They are made with carbon fiber, so strong, durable, and very light weight.  They are bluetooth so you can accept phone calls and listen to music.  They have ANR  (active noise reduction). Things we have that others do not, Ratcheting boom, reversible boom, 9 ounces, comes with adapters for all panels, mounting bracket for the controller, you can plug our controller to an external power source and the cable is included, has a audio input and includes the cable.
  These have a 5 year warranty.  In the box are:  Tely ACE ANR active noise reduction pilot Headset, batteries, ink pen, flashlight, case, headset, GA adaptor, Helicoper single adaptor, Lemo 6 pin adapter, bracket to mount controls.
 Please let us know if you need any other supplies we can help you with.  We have these in PNR also (passive noise reduction).
     We will ship Tely Headsets or you can pick up.

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Tely Technologies ACE headset

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