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Experience high fidelity true stereo in comfort, style, and performance with the AlphaBass STX Stereo offroad Headset! The AlphaBass STX Stereo Headset is fully featured, top of the line headset for music lovers, and features high fidelity true stereo, amplified, full-range bass speakers that pack an incredible audio performance that you can feel!

Advanced Features that set the AlphaBass STX Stereo Headset apart:

Rock while you ride! Take your riding experience to the next level with incredible true stereo sound.S BOOST SPEAKERS
Feel the Bass!
Full-range speakers paired with an additional bass speaker creates a rich, full sound that you can feel.

All day comfort! Lightweight carbon fiber paired with breathable, leather ear seals and a deluxe head pad bring you premium style and comfort.

Put it on, crank it up, and hold on! The audio performance you’ve been waiting for has arrived.


  • High Fidelity True Stereo
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Adjustable Bass Control
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Flex Boom with Dynamic Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Deluxe Comfort Head Pad
  • Comfortable and Breathable Leather Ear Seals
  • Cloth Ear Covers


The adjustable, stainless steel headband allows you to change the fit of the headset without sacrificing tension, allowing for a truly custom, no compromise fit.


  • AlphaBass STX STEREO Headset
  • STX Stereo to 5-Pin Adapter Straight Cord
  • Charging Cable
  • Headset Bag

Compatibility: Works with Rugged Radios STX STEREO High Fidelity Intercom, Rugged STX STEREO cables, and other stereo intercoms like PCI Trax.

H42 STX STEREO Behind The Head (BTH) Headset for Stereo Intercoms – Carbon Fiber

H42 STX STEREO Behind The Head (BTH) Headset for Stereo Intercoms – Carbon Fiber

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